Tuesday, April 13

wait for the point

Our trip to the gas station:

I think it is so much fun
to play while I'm waiting
for my gas tank to fill.
I run around the mini
playing PeekABoo
and scaring my children
through the windows.
It cracks them up.
And gets ME so giddy!
I make faces at them,
flash them the "I love you"
sign and generally,
act like a goofball.

My hunk of a husband
is a goofball, too,
because he keeps
spreadsheets of our gas mileage.
On every car we've ever owned.
(we've owned a hand-full of them)
This means keeping track
at every fill-up,
on every receipt.
Annoying, you think?
YES, it is.
But also an excuse
to write him a
quick love note.
I've done this consistently
since we've been married
and I love this lil' tradition.

Now, through the car
wash we go.
As the roar of the wash begins,
we crank up the tunes
and DANCE.
It is super fun.
And so, would you look at that?
It could have been
another boring, routine
But we actually celebrated

Have you seen "Pollyanna?"
Woah! Did I lose you?
Trust me.
The point really is coming.
This movie is one of the best.
Besides the quaint and DARLING
town of Harrington,
the amazing chocolate cake at the bazaar
(anyone got a recipe :) for that?),
and the enchanting prisms,
the GLAD game is really what gets me.
Pollyanna, orphaned and living
with her unloving aunt,
sees the GLAD side to everything.
I love that about life.
So many trials, yet so many
opportunities to find the good.
And there is so much GOOD.
Life is good, people!
And perhaps having
our special Bugg has
allowed me to see that
there really is a LOT to celebrate.
Smiles, sitting up, babbles,
blonde curls....and on.

Birthdays and holidays overjoy me.
But they only come every so often.
That's why we celebrate everything
in between, too!
This picture was Meeskii's 1/2 b-day.
I even hid a 1/2 dollar in the cake.
We got a kick out of it.
And why not have an UN-b-day party?
I don't mean to teach my children
that every single moment is a party.
Boy, they have sure seen me
throw pity parties, for sure!
Those are no fun.
But celebrating together
is really important to me.
Creating memories.

My point, finally:
Everyday is a celebration.
So rock out in the
drive-thru car wash.
Dance with your lover
in the kitchen.
Eat cookies on the front
porch with your children after school.
Deliver balloons for the heck of it.
Make a cake and eat it just 'cause.
A chocolate one.
and PS:
tomorrow is
National Take a Moment to Laugh Day.
Be creative.


  1. Wow, Breeze, what a great post! I am ever so madly in love with YOU!

  2. You guys are too cute! This is why I love your blog(s)!

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  4. OK...I'll try this again! I love your blog! You & your family make me smile.....From one "Bree" to another!

  5. Lol, what a cute post! I treated the kids to a car wash a couple of days ago. Sounds crazy, but it's better than a rollercoaster ride. We even splurged and went for the premium wash which lasted a long time with lots of foam and EXTRA foam. Wow, the squeals from the kids made it worth every extra cent :)

  6. These are moments you will continue to cherish! Do you have time to run my car thru the car wash?

  7. Oh I LOVE POLLYANNA and the glad game!!! Each day is a gift and a reason to celebrate!
    You are darling.

  8. You're amazing Bree! Those kids and that hubby of yours are truly lucky and blessed! Thanks for the ideas to make my day better, especially dancing in the kitchen!

  9. Dancing in the car wash is one of our favorites too! We love enjoying life!

  10. That's what I'm suggesting next time Dad wants to go to a real dance. I'd rather do the car wash dance. Is it just as good in a tiny Toyota Corolla? Thank you for the inspirational post, my sweet girl!

  11. Your so cute! I love your spirit!

  12. Amen, sistah! I took Ashtyn thru the car wash the other day, and she cried. Silly girl.

  13. Oh Bree you are a funny girl posting about getting gas. It's true though. Why not make the most of running errands. My kids love the "hidding" game while getting gas. I love the movie Pollyanna. My mom always reminded us while growing up to play the glad game. In fact she told me to do so just the other day when I was sad about something. Haha Moms are great.

  14. oh and why is the car wash so exciting for kids? Spencer asks me almost everyday if we can go to the car wash.

  15. Love your blog Bree. I want to stop by your house and see your paint colors up close- I love the yellow and blue.

  16. Great post! I think I need to go dance with my hubby in the kitchen :-) Life with three little ones has been a bit overwhelming lately and we haven't danced enough - for sure not enough in the kitchen.

    I look forward to playing the GLAD game with the boys in the morning. I hadn't though about that movie in years. I might just need to netficks it for fun.

    Always enjoy your posts. Hope you guys are well.


  17. Bree, great post, love the pictures, love PollyAnna and the glad game and absolutely love your blog!!!


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