Wednesday, April 14

a "do" tutorial

I always do Bugg's hair
in the bathroom while
holding him on my lap,
but because I wanted
to snap pics, I put him in
his Bumbo chair on the floor.....
therefore, he is not a
happy guy in these pics.
He still loves me, though.

Look at that nasty nest!
Because he is on his back so much,
he gets the tingly-tanglies
really bad.
Especially when he's
needing a haircut.
Like today.

Step 1: spray hair,
Step 2: slick all hair back

Step 3: Fluff curls with a brush,
takes about 5 seconds

Step 4: use Dad's gel to glue curls

Very handsome,
that boy is.
He got his curls
from me, you know.
Lucky guy.
(a re-post from 4/29/09)


  1. I think you should have got a shot of the slick back step. As Bri says, "He's a handsome feller"!

  2. OUch! Those tingly tanglies look so painful.

  3. such a lucky boy with those curls!

  4. Love those curls, and him.

  5. I love all your pictures and he is handsome!!! I would love to have all those curls!!


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