Monday, February 7

girl meets boy - a love story

I worked as a 411 operator when I was 18.
"This is Bree, what city?"
I got to give people telephone numbers
to anywhere in the whole country.
It was......boring as I'll get out.
I left that job after 8 months.
I remained in contact with a friend
I made at that job -
Horrace, who eventually also left
and went to work for another company.

A couple years later, I was sitting in church. My friend, Ana, was leaving for a year and a half to serve a mission for our church. There was a special program for her on this particular Sunday. 3 gentleman got up to sing a beautiful song. The guy in the middle was a total looker and had a super awesome voice. But, I thought, I'll never see him again, what's the use? Besides, I was thinking about going on a mission myself.


....that night, we had a farewell gathering for Ana at my grandparent's house and in walked the 3 singing guys! I quickly introduced myself to the Looker. "Hi, I'm Brianne." His name was Brian. After hearing my name, he says, "Do you know Horrace?" I tell him I DO know Horrace (I mean, how many people know a "Horrace?")! Brian then tells me that he works with Horrace and that Horrace has been trying to get him to call this Mormon girl named Brianne, with long curly hair, who would be perfect for him!

Well, my WORD! Destiny, I do believe!

Brian said, "Brian &'ll never work." But oh, he wanted me so bad! Well, once Horrace found out that we'd met, he made sure to get us hooked up again. He arranged for the 3 of us to meet at In N Out Burger. Oh, that Horrace, he was just so proud to see the two of us together. So he took off after dinner. But Brian & I, we hung out the rest of the night. We were smitten. And lo, after 5 months together, he went on his mission to the Philippines for TWO YEARS! 18 of those months, I spent serving a mission in Berlin Germany.

Amazing, amazing experiences. Truly.

One of our very last hugs before he became a missionary. Oh, the bitter-sweetness of it. Saying good-bye for two years was very painful. I remember driving away from his house with my family in the car bawling with me. But the fun & joy we shared through letters, tapes & pictures on our missions was incredible & unique & priceless & awesome!

And 3 weeks after he got home.........


August 2nd, 2002 we were sealed for TIME and ALL ETERNITY in the beautiful Oakland California Temple. Is that such an incredible love story? One that will never end. It is true. There really is such a thing as happily ever forever after!

This kicks off LOVE week.
It's going to be good.


  1. Bree, I am amazed at how much we have grown together. Just when I think my heart is full, somehow you make me love you even more.

    Forever yours,


  2. What a sweet and amazing love story! Too bad so many others in this world aren't able to have that happily forever after.

  3. Quick, somebody get me a tissue! I, am a happy Momma!

  4. Look how cute you two are! Love it!

  5. Beautiful story. Did Brian tell you I stopped by yesterday? I thought I'd stop and say hi but you were having lunch with Meeskii. What a sweet momma! I just went to a dear friends wedding in the Oakland temple a couple weeks ago! Such a beautiful temple. What happened to Horrace? :)

  6. That is awesome, true love my dear. ~Amy Webb

  7. I love to hear this story! Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a great story! You've inspired me to post ours. Although, I may have already told it a time or two. :) Anyway... that is so great that you were able to serve at the same time! I'm sure it made his two years pass by more quickly! Happy Love Day to the two of you!

  9. Aw, you two are truly a remarkable couple! I LOVE YOU!! xo

  10. Sooooooooo sweet!

    *wondering if the "singing guy" ever sings to you*

  11. All I can think of is Marissa Tomei as a school teacher at the beginning of the movie Only You writing "destino" on the chalkboard. And she says it several time with stars in her eyes.

    Bri + Bree = destino. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Bri - I LOVE you.

    Kim - we still keep in touch with Horrace. We even rented a house from him back in the day.

    Sandie - new goal: make him sing to me more often!

    Tara - never seen that movie but that's a cute equation!

  13. What a great story! Does the cuteness ever end...I think not!


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