Tuesday, February 8

Let's establish this:

I'm kind of a freak about Valentine's Day.

Bugg taking his afternoon snooze.
So every holiday is my favorite.
But really, Love's Own Day
is the one that makes me the most
holiday whacked out.
My scissors are on mega duty and
paper & felt hearts are piled up everywhere.

I stock up on paper doilies,
festive cupcake liners,
peruse Martha Stewart every other day,
plan out homemade Valentine's,
and daydream about THE morning when my kids
will wake up with heart stickers on their face
and Cupid letters on their pillows.
Told ya'.
I'm a FREAK.
And I'm pretty sure my children
are catching on.

We are deliciously deep into lovey plans.
The cousin's tea party is going to be darling.
The Hunk & I have a FEW dates planned.
And cookies, cookies, cookies.
I think my blood just turned pink & purple & glitter-specked.

madebyrae heart garland

One of my favorite memories I'll have
when I'm old & gray
is working on Valentine's
with my cute little cupids.
Like today,
Ella's pudgy little painted hand print
decorating card stock hearts.
Or tonight,
Mia was up past bedtime,
cutting, stamping, pasting, writing,
chatting with me as I worked on Buggy's
preschool v-day cards.


  1. So fun! And by the way, I liked the wax hearts hanging in your windows so much that I made some with Avery the other day using coffee filters (I heard they were great for kids crafts!) and wax crayon shavings. Super cute :) And Avery insisted that we write our names on some of them too :) I;ll have to post a couple of pics.

  2. Oh I LOVE Valentines day, too!!! Lovin ya!!

  3. I love the festive Valentine decorations! Your children are going to have such sweet memories of this holiday just like we do when we were little.

  4. You can take coffee filters and drop food coloring on to them. Once they dry, cut into shapes (like hearts) and hang them in the window. The light will shine through them, similar to the wax hearts, but they will add a different texture and look to your hearts, and coffee filters are cheap.

  5. How sweet and cute! Your v-day enthusiasm is totally catching. :)

  6. Can your cute craftyness rub off on me please!

  7. I ♥ everything about this post!

    Hope you and all your little sweeties have a fabulous Happy Valentines Day filled with lots of Love!!!


  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts! So adorable and fun these are!! You're amazing, Bree! What a blessed life we all live : ) Thanks for such a sincere, honest, beautiful perspective.

  9. I think I have accidentally become a Valentine Scrooge! I didn't mean to be, I just haven't done anything about it.

  10. Wowza! You are a wonderful Mom! Reminds me to stop and smell the roses, even when life seems hectic!


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