Tuesday, February 1

at 1:12pm

The house is quiet.
Ella is asleep.
I'm working on some Valentine hoopla.
Classical music is softly playing. It's my thing during quiet time.

And Bugg.......
is in his bed laughing his head off.

He's in hysterics.
What the heck makes him do that?
Is he thinking of all the funny stuff that he wish
he could say?
Is an angel telling him a joke?
Is he thinking how ridiculous I am sometimes?
I started singing him his special lullaby
that I made up for him when he was growing
in my belly way back when.

Whenever he hears his song,
he brings his comfort fingers to his mouth
and gets real calm.
But then he went back to the giggles.
Bugg rocks.


  1. Times like these must give you chills. I'm sure he's talking to angels!

  2. What a fun child ... and so adorable too. I think he's giggling like all the other 4 year olds love to do. Does Bugg have a communication book .. Ashley has one she just got it a few months ago and she is slowly learning to use it I wish we had when she was 4 as it takes practise. I hope one day we can use so she can tell me why she laughing or sad right now we use so she can tell what she wants for like toast or cereal or pancakes.

  3. Oh my, I NEEEEED to kiss those cheeks!

  4. I love, love, LOVE his laugh! Especially when he starts laughing in Primary. It makes me so happy to hear him. Sometimes I wonder why he's laughing, too. I'm sure he is probably much happier than any of the rest of us... go figure.

  5. Way too cute, I think and angel is telling him jokes. lol


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