Wednesday, February 16

I heart hearts

Love-y glimpses of our V'tine Week......

I had a ball making Bugg's V'tines.
Idea from FamilyFun
The carrot stamps worked great.

scuse the hot glue line
And Mia's.......
so funny, right?
And the cousin's came to tea!
They dressed their best
and nibbled on heart-shaped food
and sipped tea from real teacups.
Then we all went crazy and exchanged

Auntie Em
haha, we've almost got the whole family
to buy Nikons!

My crafty contribution to this year's
V'tine whimsy filled with
valentine's from years gone by.

Mia made cards for everyone
and then we clipped a felt heart onto it
for the girls' hair.

Snuggles with Grandma

Snuggles with Grandpa

Snuggles with Grandma.
We are so happy to have so many
grandparents & family close to us!

Mia performed in a play at school.
The girl can haaaaaammmmm.

The Sweetheart Bubble Bath

Add this to a bubble bath
and you'll be a rock star!
The confetti looks awesome on top
of the pink bubbles.
Cookies, candles, and a favorite v'tine
book top it off.

I love this one

Valentine's Day morning
pretty much EQUALS
Christmas morning almost.
Cupid came in the night and gave everyone sticker kisses
on their cheeks and chocolate.
Which Mia & Ella quickly devoured at 5am!
I found them with chocolate all over their faces,
oh, my.

The candlelit breakfast:
chocolate heart pancakes with strawberries,
heart eggs over-easy,
strawberry milk,
raspberry heart gummies,
and cinnamon lips.
And personalized sugar cookies with lots of frosting.

These raspberry heart gummies
are right up there with chocolate.
Maybe even tied.

Both necklaces from Mia
She is so adorable.

Dinner by candlelight, naturally.
a PICNIC dinner.
With heart pizzas.

Bugg doesn't eat pizza.
Too tough to chew.
So he got some mixture of something
in the food processor.
Lucky guy.

By the way,
chocolate pancakes are not good.
Unless they have loads of strawberries on top.
I liked it but the rest of fam wasn't up for it.
So I had a re-do the next morning!
I mean, I couldn't allow a bad v'tine memory
to remain in their little heads now.
(I am completely absurd & ridiculous & I love it.)

Good night.
Hey, who else is comin' to the cookie party?


  1. Um, can I come over for Valentine's day next year? How do you think of all this amazing stuff???

    P.S. Will you put me on the list for the Celebrate book?

  2. I wish I could come to your cookie party but Katie has a follow up from her endoscopy that day at 11 in Provo and my kids get out of school at 1:30, so it would be kind of tough to hit your party too. Sad!

  3. HOLY COW!!!! Your home was like a Valentine's Day paradise!!! What fabulous memories you are creating for your kids! I loved your heart shaped braid! (It was fun seeing your mom and dad!) xo

  4. Holy Macaroni, Bree! I'm exhausted just looking at all the adorable pictures, but what an incredibly fun day!

  5. So so CUTE!!! Oh my! Your kiddos are so lucky to have a fun mommy :) I love it :)

  6. Oh I LOVE Valentines day! Love to stretch the love magic as long as possible!!! Looks like your day was marvelous!!!!

  7. So Lovely and Adorable!!!! Very Sweet is all I can say.

  8. You know how to celebrate the Love Holiday in Style! Looks like an amazingly lovely time!

  9. We had so much fun at the tea party. Haha I'm still not used to my dark hair. Didn't recognize myself at first in the pic.

    Brett and I also loved double dating with you last weekend.

  10. Holy bananas. Do you think your mom would adopt me so I can be in your family?!?! You guys are so super cute!

    I wish every single person in the world who hates Valentine's Day would read this post. I know they would have an instant change of heart and realize that love day really is the best day! But if they read all of your blog posts, they would realize that every day is actually the best day. Love it - love you!!!

  11. That is awesome and so creative. You are an awesome mother and wife.

    Do you have any suggestions for st. patricks day?

  12. Your kids will have such beautiful memories of their childhood. What a gorgeous celebration of love!


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