Thursday, April 21

celebrating....a bunch o' stuff

Is he crying or laughing?
It's pure 100 percent hysterics!
Laughing so hard that he's silent
followed by a gulp and a gasp and more giggles
and bursts and silence.
It is the best sound in the world.

Egg dying.
I'll never miss a year
my whole life long.

Celebrating a trip to the zoo.
It was Rooskii's first time!
a kneeling camel~
why do they do this?!

She was totally enthralled
with the animals.
It must be quite a trip to see
the 2-dimensional pictures in books
come alive!
When she was scared of an animal
like the tigers and gorilla,
she would say,
"All done. All done. All done."

just a baby at 14 feet

Yep, the zoo was fun

PS: Tortoises are very l.o.u.d.
Who knew?

Celebrating that she finally
wanted to learn how to ride a bike
with no training wheels!
And of course, celebrating that she can
do it!!

Grandma & her grand-daughters

I love that Mia just can't get
out of the car after a library trip
because she's too engrossed in her book.
We're reading the Cobblestone Cousins
series together right now
and oh, my GOODness,
I love those books!

When Ella falls asleep
on my bed.
PPS: Have you ever seen a picture
of her without her paci?
Me either!

Celebrating family games of
Hide 'N Seek.
She is learning to count.
"ooooone, twwwooooo, freeeee,
onnnneee, freeeee..."

Bugg gets quite strategic
with his hiding spots.
But his laughs & babbles
give him away!

Eating boiled eggs on the front porch
while waiting for Buggy to come
home from school.

Vision therapy specifically.
Bugg really responds to the light box.

So does Ella.

Our alone trips to
Sam's club.
Only 75 percent difficulty!
If I had my other 2 children,
they'd add up to 100 percent.

Cleaning up heart puddle
messes here.
Oh, oh, for the love of
I didn't know Mia had sneaked in
until I checked on them right before I went to bed.

Celebrating Mia's 1/2 birthday.
Well, in February, that is.
We had lunch together at school
and then I got to go out to recess with her.

We had school lunch
which she doesn't get very often.
I got a sweet kick out of sitting
at the little cafeteria tables
with my big girl.
She was so giddy & adorable.

Celebrating little excursions to meet
Mia at the bus stop.
Making the ordinary a bit more extraordinary
with popcorn & daddy's toy...

Yep, he attached a camera
to the front of his car.
'Cause he's cooooool like that.

I gave Bugg a bath one night
and discovered a tattoo!
I love those funny gals at preschool!!!

finding something to do.....

Like making a homemade volcano.

Cookies being eaten
by a baby in a diaper.

a Hotel trip!

It's nice to not have to
clean up after your own messes
every once in awhile,

I know you wanted to see it again!
Am I right?


  1. OH my GOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE all of them. We really should spend some more time together. Ya'll have so much fun.

  2. Thanks again for reminding me to find the small things to celebrate! Those kids of your are so adorable. You are a very blessed Mama.

  3. Oh what wonderful celebrations! What magical together time!!

  4. oh the laughter and the smiles!! Makes me giddy just thinking about it :)

  5. Loved your latest posts! And your trip to Disneyland looked AMAZING! Now that the weather is finally cooperating we need to play.

  6. You're right. I do want to go back and see it all again. I love your pictures. The detail is amazing. Remind me what kind of camera you have. I keep thinking I'm in the market for one and then something speaks for the $ before it happens. Happy Spring Bree!

  7. Love reading your blog. The way you enjoy life and your babies is inspiring.

  8. Thanks for letting us celebrate along with you! Great post!

  9. I am going to be laughing all day long about the tortoises! Bah! :)
    Now I want to see Princess Bride again. Maybe I can talk the hubby into watching it with me today!!!
    Love all your celebrating!


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