Monday, April 4

we stayed in pj's all day long

Yesterday was fantastic.
Conference weekend always is.
A weekend at home in jammies
eating lots of treats and being filled
with the words of living prophets....
a very sunny weekend for sure!
Er, inside at least.

It snowed so much
that we lost our satellite signal
and the Hunk had to dig out the dish.

from the Friend magazine

Bugg chucks his mass tangle
of shiny red beads

In between Conference sessions,
we took a drive to the woods
to view the spring-turned-winter splendor.....

Any chance this mama gets,
I'll stand him up!

It's Monday.
I got dressed today, btw.
Dishes done?
Have a great day!


  1. Good job standing up Bugg as much as possible I bet he loves it. Ashley used to stand in a playpen to watch Sesame street up until she could walk with her walker. She had a good grip and could hang on to the edge so that made it possible. He is getting tall.

  2. we got that beautiful snow as well. ~amy webb

  3. Looks like a nice way to spend the Conference Days together!

  4. "Everything bright and beautiful"! That describes your adorable family to me! Have a beautiful day! Much love and Happiness always!!!

  5. I love that you are all in your pjs exploring the trees in the snow. And I love the tree-popcorn artwork on the wall! So fun.


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