Tuesday, April 26

Easter weekend.

I could not get over the glorious
weather at the beginning of Easter weekend.
I took the babies out for a walk
and inhaled the Spring glory.

And Friday night?
You got it,
a date with my Hunk.
It was actually a triple date
with his parents and uncle & his date.
Heard of the Lower Lights?

in the elevator on our way up to see LL
And Friday late night,
as in 1 am late.....

the Easter bunny hopped through!
Leaving his cute little powdered sugar
prints behind.
I had to fend off a cat
who wanted his cabbage & carrot
that Mia & Ella set out.
By the way, Mia acted as if she
never knew the secret behind holidays.
I was so proud of her!
She's a believer.

And Saturday morning found
us up early hunting eggs & baskets,
eating Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolate eggs
for breakfast,
& watching Tangled
(again - only this time, it's
our own copy - Hooray!)

Then we were off to Uncle's house
for the big cousin's egg hunt & brunch.

I made my girls skirts for the first
time ever! Like how I put this in small
writing so as to appear humble?
But, really, it's exciting to me!

Ella drops cookie, retrieves egg,
dumps egg in bucket,
picks up cookie & eats.

I have some tulips!
They worked!
Easter morning.
It wasn't about eggs,
or parties.
That's the celebration of Spring to me.
I love the separation.
It is about celebrating the resurrection of our Savior.

It had been a really neat week.
Learning & reading about His last week of life,
His sacrifice & love for us,
having a dinner of fish, bread & honey,
making goals to be more like Him......
it was good.
Hope your hearts are filled with Easter, too!


  1. THIS part is so funny and cute...and it made me laugh:

    "Ella drops cookie, retrieves egg,
    dumps egg in bucket,
    picks up cookie & eats."

    Beautiful pictures of Spring and super cute skirts for the girls.

    Matthew and I got invited to go to church with our neighbors who live two doors down the street from us so we attended a lovely Easter service on Sunday.

  2. Ella is getting so big! I love the girl's skirts!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a great weekend!

  4. What a beautiful Easter and Resurection celebration. Love the skirts and cherry blossoms are so beautiful.


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