Monday, May 16

his favorite kind of occupational therapy

The mess drives all of us crazy.
But it is so worth it.
Especially his laugh,
he goes nuts!
I'll be finding dried beans for days
and laughing at how Ella was trying to pick
off beans from her feet.
So worth it!


  1. That's Katie's favorite thing too! Does Bugg eat the beans? Katie does. My girls love the beans too. They make piles all over and play games with them. The mess drives me crazy too.

  2. Love those smiles. Junior also loves playing in beans.

  3. thank goodness for no-carpet on your floor!!! ;) looks like he's having funnnn!!

  4. Love that and those little red toes!!

  5. I love your pictures! And of course I have always loved that smile of his! Have a beautiful day!

  6. Wouldn't Buggs love to have Busy Bugs from Discovery Toys?
    Thirty-six squooshy colorful bugs and cards to match them to. Easy, doable tasks.

    Love the toe-nail polish!


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