Monday, May 2

filling my lamp

Women's Conference.
All day with my Mom & sister, Brooke.
This picture prefaced
our perfect day....
the view from my window
on the way to Women's Conference

I felt so blessed to be a part
of this event.
Thousands (and thousands!)
of women,
flocking to this conference
to be spiritually fed & uplifted.
It humbled me.
And also to think of all the husbands & fathers
at home with babies so that all of us
ladies could enjoy this day out/off.
Beautiful, beautiful!

I learned soooooo much.
And re-learned so much.
Stuff like:
"Keep it small.
Keep it simple.
Give it time."
"Things will work out....they always do."
"The only person I need to be better than is the person I was yesterday."
Prioritize my goals & reach ideals 1 or 2 at a time.

A healthy tree needs sunshine & rain.
Show my love of the Lord by feeding His sheep.
Reach out more to those I visit teach.
And on & on.....
I loved being with these gals
so much!
And I met up with Gena,
co-author of this incredible special needs book.

Crafting princess wands
for little girls sick in hospitals

The evening concert is always a nice
David Osmond, Jenny Oaks Baker,
Hilary Weeks,
Vocal Point,
Josh Wright,
Cherie Call!
So fun!
I'm filled.


  1. What fun! One of these days I'll have to come out for it! Also, since when do you wear glasses? And you guys look fabulous. Your mom looks like she could be your sister! And one more thing, I did a concert with Jenny Oaks Baker a couple of months ago. She's amazing!

  2. I'm so sad we couldn't hook up. Maybe next year. I loved it too! I always love your pictures. They are the perfect discription of a lovely day!

  3. I'm hoping to go next year! :) Let's meet up!

  4. First of all...Kierst, you and Jennie Oaks Baker? Awesome! Secondly, I love you, Kierst! Thirdly, I LOVE SPENDING WOMEN'S CONFERENCE WITH MY GIRLS!

  5. I had a wonderful time with you and Mom too! Can't wait until we can go again together.

  6. I was there!! We should have met up! I flew out for a little solo get away (1st one ever!) I was sitting exactly opposite you all the way across the Marriott center. I think I can see my red sweater in your picture;)


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