Tuesday, May 24

pinkies up

My mother is truly wonderful.
She is one of my favorite people to celebrate.
Each year around Mother's Day,
my sisters & I plan a special lunch in her honor.
Some years we go out,
some we stay home.
But it is always extra-ordinary and special.
This year,
we had a tea party!
My ma, her ma, prego sister Brooke, cousin Ashtyn,
Mia, Bugg & Ella rascals, me, and sister Kylee

We partied under a canopy thing with tulle
and tissue pom-poms.
tea sandwiches (egg salad & cucumber)
Lemon scones with raspberry jam
Pasta salad
veg plate
cream puffs
fruit tarts

raspberry lemonade "tea"

Ella prepares for the blessing

Bugg's thought bubble:
"Tea parties are for girls!"

Bugg - such the trooper.


  1. Love the idea of a tea party! I might have to try that if the girls in my family are ever in the same area.
    p.s. Bugg's speech bubble is the best! LOL!

  2. Love it! It's beautiful. How did you get the beautiful pom poms and streamers in the tree, looks difficult.


  3. That is so sweet, and thoughtful. You and your sisters are so creative. ~amy webb

  4. The cuteness never ends!


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