Tuesday, May 10

thoughts on a drizzly May evening

I was a teenager when my younger
brother & sister were born.
So I learned how to "mama"
at a young age.
I also learned that I was a
Big time.
When my mom got rid of their baby toys,
I cried.
I don't remember this,
but she does and has told the story many times.
Sounds like something I'd do.

Everyone thought I was a goner
when I had my own kids.
But I've really surprised even myself!
Each new stage is so exciting
and fun and joyous.
I have not been sentimental that much.
I don't think...? Mom?

this boy has a way of tugging
some serious heartstrings.
The heartstrings are receiving intense
tugging this month, too.
His birthday is coming up.
His High FIVE birthday.
And he is graduating preschool.
Which means he will be leaving
the dearest teachers that have adored & coddled
their hearts out.
He has learned so much from them.
His tender young years at school
have been so full of
learning & laughter & love.

I am not looking forward to graduation.
How could it be that Bree
is not excited about a celebration?!!!
But I will say this:
my husband & I were completely & divinely guided
as to where our boy will be going to school
next year and we are so excited for his new school experience.
It's going to be good.
Just different.
But if I've learned anything from this special life,
it is that different rocks!

I love to visit Wyatt at school.
I went to see him last week.
He & Miss Britt were at an assembly
with the whole school.
So I walked into the cafeteria & saw this:

I see empty wheelchair in the way back.
Where is he?
They were waaaaay at the front
with all the other little kids.
That made me really happy.

She is so great.
She thinks of everything.
Even I find myself using the chair
a lot more because he is so heavy & big.
But she said that he needed to be up with
all the other kids.
He is a big boy, too,
she says.

I followed them around during playtime.
Here, Miss Britt, Bugg & friend, A,
play police.
Miss Britt gets in on the action & story lines.
I die laughing.

Puppet show just especially
for his mama.
"A" adores Bugg.

Isn't Miss Britt so hip
with her cool feather extensions?

1 part shaving cream, 1 part glue
and a few drops of food coloring
it dries into this raised puffy stuff!
Miss Rachael is awesome, too.
She has done a lot for our boy.
And she comes up with the greatest
art projects!

You know what's funny?
Bugg doesn't really like it
when I visit him at school.
He is in his element and doesn't want to be distracted.
He gets out of sorts like,
"hey, it's not time to be home!"
I actually love that for some reason.
He means business.

Rooskii loves to visit, too.
She just blends right in, eh?
I smudged the others' faces
because I don't want to get in trouble :)

And Miss Ronda.
The secretary.
She & Wyatt have their flirtin' goin' on.
It is daaaarrrling to watch.

So how does one thank the greatest ladies
for caring for our Bugg?

Have them over for lunch!
We had the sweetest time
over salads & rolls & chocolate cake.
That's how we say "THANK YOU!"

One of my all-time favorites.
The Oreo Cookie Cake.

Other thoughts on this drizzly night......
wishing for more sunshine this week:
Ella plays with Easter basket goodies.

a beheaded bunny

I'm thinking that I'm glad
that I finally cleaned these windows.
But glad that it's immediately
covered with sweet little fingerprints.

Did you celebrate May Day?
It's one of my favorites.
This year we used cookies instead of flowers.
Fair trade, I'd say.

Mia & her friends discovered this one
upon returning home from school.

Then we made up some more
and secretly delivered some to neighbors.
Doorbell ditching never gets old.

And you should know
that these cookies are my favorite for this month.
I'm sure that lemon is becoming the new chocolate.
For me.
Or a close 2nd, anyway.
Try these Lemon Glazed Cookies.
(I only baked mine for 8 minutes, not 12-14.)

And I leave you with that!


  1. I have white chocolate chips and a couple of lemons and am planning on making the other ones you posted a little while ago. They looked so good! I LOVE all things lemon, so these should be delicious. Thanks!

  2. I love reading up on what you're doing. Mr. Wyatt is so lucky to have such an adoring/adorable mom. Love you!

  3. Inclusive preschool? FANTASTIC. Best start he could possibly get. I hope he'll be going to kindergarten with all his buddies.

    It might be worth looking at adjustable height wheelchairs or indoor seating bases, so that W and his support people don't have to choose between mobility/good positioning and being on the same level as his little pals.

  4. What am I going to do without Wyatt next year??? We must keep in touch!

  5. Can I just tell you how much I love Wyatt's curls??!! He is so adorable. And Avery graduates from preschool this year...and also she graduates from special education since she's all independent now, and I am TERRIFIED and PANICKING over the thought of her going to mainstream kindergarten in the fall....!!!!! Gah! Also, I am never going to lose all this baby weight if you keep on posting such delicious cookie recipes!!!!!!!!!! :D


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