Tuesday, May 31

lessons on celebrating life

It is springtime!
Craft a flower wreath with all those buds.
It is especially nice to brighten up your sick child (strep).


  1. Awww! I didn't know she had strep. Please give her Grandma kisses from me!

  2. hope she feels better, love the flower wreath.

  3. I saw a couple of your kiddies at the library today! I probably had my nose too far into the stacks to see you.

  4. Wow that is alot, Love Mias haircut, Olivia had short hair last fall and it was easy and so cute like mia's. Looked lke buggs had a blast just sitting on the bike. Jon takes Olivia down the street on ours and she loves it. Can't wait to here about the guys night out campout. Wow, you looked like a millons Dollars, I bet you had a wonderful night. You are Gorgeous. - Amy Webb


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