Sunday, June 5

Summertime events & drama

Our welcome-to-summer party
was a blast.
I love how setting out some water balloons,
& the sprinkler
brings kids out of the woodworks.

Bugg, in his usual caszh way,
looks on from the porch,
content to stay dry & un-u.v.'d.
and on to the drama!..........

Friday afternoon found the Hunk
in some serious tummy pain.

I was supposed to go to a play
on a mama-daughter date with Mia.
Instead, it was a date with Brian in the ER room.

At least I was dressed for the occasion!
I am so thankful for rockin' neighbors
who took our babies at a second's notice.

Our date included:

a frolick to get a cat scan,
sight-seeing in the jungle (pediatric ER room),
dining on icy water (just me),
chatting with charming nurses & doc people,
a visit from Bri's parents,
and lots of photo shoots.
Hey! When under stressful situations,
always take pictures, right?!
Stress alleviation....somehow.


The poor husband had surgery
at midnight.
His parents so sweetly stayed
and I went home to tuck babies in and sleep.
My mom came in the morning and
Meeskii & I did get that date!
We went to visit Daddy in the hospital!!

Sorry, no calls, please :)
I'm his wife,
I still get giddy over that!
We are home now.
It's a quiet Sunday with the kids gone
to G&G's.
The Hunk is in good spirits and very sore.

We got a platter-full of cookies out of the deal!!!
(Thanks, ma)
Just kiddin',
we've had lots of blessings over this weekend.
Our hearts are grateful.


  1. Ick :( I had my appendix out a year ago. No fun. But at least the pain is lots better once the dang thing it out! (or at least it was for me). Hope he heals quickly! Cookies have to help. (When I had mine out my sweet hubbs brought me a large slice of chocolate cake and a dish of bacon while I was still on the surgical unit! The nurses had a good laugh over that. And the bacon is because I kept asking for bacon while still waking up from the anesthesia, LOL.)

  2. Holy Cow! I'm so sorry you had an ER adventure! Hope he is on the mend! May the summer celebration continue!!

  3. Wishing him a speedy recuperation period...

  4. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD Brian is feeling better. And Seriously I LOVED Having The BUG here, haven't laugh so hard for a while, he crakes me up. He also really lifted my spirits and made best friends with Steven. Hope it will be a speedy recovery and if you need anything lets us know.

  5. FANTASTIC summer photos! So sorry about your hubby's surgery.

  6. sorry to hear about the op.
    Love the colour inthe photos. Looks like a fab day!

  7. Wow, that is no good. I hope he heals fast for you and the kiddos. ~amy Webb

  8. What fun! And then what not fun! I'm glad Bri's okay!

  9. Too bad about your hubby!!! Hope all is well.


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