Monday, June 27

a conversation with you

Bugg fans (that's you guys): So, Bree, where ya been?
It's been almost 3 weeks!
We want to see some Bugg!!!!

Bree: uuuuuuh, who me?

Bugg fans: Yes, YOU! The one that takes photos of every second of every day
and blogs about the cutest kids in the world!!!!!

Bree: I, um, have been.....busy, I guess?
errrrrrrr.....kind of.....more like lazy.

Bugg fans: What do you mean 'busy'?

Bree: Actually, friends, I just haven't been
in the blogging mood.
I've still been taking tons of pictures, though.

Bugg fans: {{scold}}
That is a bad excuse.
We've been waiting & checking to see that cute Bugg
pop up on our screens!
We're having withdrawls!
You need to feed us some Buggy
to perk up our days and......
maybe a cookie post would be nice, too?

Bree: Okay, I'm really sorry, guys.
Here you go.........

Bugg fans: {{sigh of relief}}
Thank you!
Now, Bree, keep it up, will you?
Quit leaving us hanging!

Bree: You got it!
I will post more.
I have missed you all!


  1. Bree, you are ridiculously beautiful.

  2. We love seeing your post, but I totally understand the time off. Some times you need time for you and no computers. LOL Hope things are well. ~amy Webb

  3. Beautiful and cute enjoy the summer I find it hard to fit blogging in with my two year old he's into everything as I bet your little one is too.

  4. Haven't felt like blogging?! What's up with that? I'm glad that's the reason though and it isn't anything bad. I know I can count on you to be enjoying summer to the fullest!

  5. Too funny! Glad to hear from you! You know us Bugg fans so well!

  6. Dear Bree,

    You rock the blog world and inspire me with your creatively cute ways and words.



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