Tuesday, June 14

Ella Rose turns two

We celebrated this Sweet'ems
that came to us 2 short years ago.
What a joy she is!
Ella tries to blow out the candles
on her breakfast cake - two fancy toothpicks

I guess you could say
that Ella is spunky.
Big personalitied.
That's her.
Since Day 9 of her life.

I remember the day
she went from an adorable peaceful newborn
to an adorable high-maintenance screamer of a darling.
But alas,
her firey wit has shaped her into a
down-right awesome, hilarious, charmer toddler girl.

Playing Hide N Seek......"one, two, free"

We adore her emphatically.

She loves tea parties.
Which is what we did for her Birthday Eve.
Birthday Eves are practically as important as
the BirthDAY itself, you know!

And had a campfire dinner
in the canyon
with G&G.

On the phone receiving
birthday wishes from family.

The day of:
a celebration at the Splash Pad!

She wasn't quite as brave
as last year.

And we partied at the carnival, too!

One of my better photos, eh?

Topped off with carnival
cupcakes at G&G's.

So her birthday crown:
since she was turning 2,
I went with the whole "Noah's Ark" theme.
The animals entered the ark two by two.
Hence, the giraffe fabric, zebra tie in the back,
and animal stickers.
And then there was the carnival party
so I added a ferris wheel and carousel horse sticker
to the mix.
FAB, right?
These birthday crowns are going to be used year-round
for dress-up, special days, and just 'cause.
('cause Mommy likes to spend hours scheming the
perfect concoction for a crown -
perusing the sticker isle, cutting fabric & gluing tediously,
just imaging my birthday child's expression when they first
set eyes on it on their BIRTHDAY!)

And PS:

You may be shocked to find out
that my children have never had a birthday party
outside of family get togethers.
It's true.
I just love the simple special quaint celebrations.
But this is Mia's year.
We've already begun the planning.
Oh, oh, OH, the fun that lies ahead
for her #7!!!!
You'll be seeing these umbrellas again
in the near summer future.

My little Sweet'ems.


  1. Great pics, Breeze! Happy birthday Ella Bella!

  2. I love the rear-view mirror pic (and all the rest, too!)

  3. Your pictures are always excellent, but the ferris wheel shot is seriously cool!

    It's interesting that kids with big personalities can be a challenge as babies and toddlers, but really it will be to their advantage to have a strong personality later.

  4. so presious, wow she is already two, how fast time goes. looked like you had a blast too.-amy webb

  5. Happy Birthday to Ella! Love the pics of her! She is adorable! LOVE the carnival cupcakes! You are one amazing woman!


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