Wednesday, June 29

those lazy summer days

I have really loved this warm month of June.
Well, except for that little Appendicitis thing.
It has been so easy-going and relaxed,
with just a touch of busy work like
swim lessons & youth conference.

We've just kind of grown into a lazy routine.
After breakfast & jobs, we mosey out on the front lawn.
Our little tree that we planted last year
just ain't cuttin' it,
as far as providing any shade.
So up the umbrella goes.
We lounge on a blanket and read books.
Pretty soon kids start coming over to join us.

We eat.
I blog.
Read some more.
Make lists.
Take pictures (always!).
It is so nice.
Until it gets too blasted hot
and we have to come in.

But pre-dinnertime finds us back outside.
We have great shade in the late afternoons.
Perfect for hoola-hooping,
pudding pop lickin',
and the like.

Speaking of the HUNK,
he just got hunkIER....

No braces.
Ta Da!

Pizza & a Movie night
has moved outside.
Tastes a lot better,
especially when it's cooked on the grill.
And you don't have to heat up your house!

Ella has been in her plain ol'
diaper about 75 percent of summer.
Is that so embarrassing?
I surprise myself, though:
I just. don't. care.
Plus, it's so CUTE!

The Hunk up & decided to
decorate the garage walls one day.
Excellent choice of design!

I got to hang out with my friend, Amy,
one night in Salt Lake.
We've been friends since 2nd grade!
We strolled around downtown and found.....

a crazy cool Sidewalk Chalk Festival!

...and the amazing Olympic splash pad
at the Gateway mall.
This has just been added to the summer wish list
with my kids.
A surprise bump-in with Miss Britt (twice)!
We miss her tons!

one of Ella's bubbles floating through

so cute.

They tried to get the snake
to eat the spider. Didn't work.
While we've been finding lots to do
close to home,
this next month will bring many adventures.
Can't wait!
The balancing act, you know?
Lazy here,
adventurous there!
Actually, Brian & I got to go to
Youth Conference this past weekend.
'Twas adventurous indeed!
We were team leaders for our group.

Why again, Lover, do you insist on
these cheap velcro shoes from Walmart?!
I love you.

That's me on the zip line
at beautiful Aspen Lakes.
We had a blast!

Enjoy the rest of June!
And those beautiful summer sunsets.


  1. Thank you for the laugh about Brian's shoes! I'm so glad I don't have the only husband who insists on buying THE.UGLIEST shoes ever! They were so hideous I cringed every time he put them on. He found a very respectable looking pair at Big 5 last week (I was there so I spotted them for him!) And they were the same price as the hideous ones. Score! I love him tons, but every time he wears the new shoes I smile. :)

  2. Fun summer, so far! And your Youth Conference looks like a blast!!!

  3. Brian looked sooo cool in the picture without his braces and then.....he became the same as Dad. Cute, adorable, handsome BUT he surely doesn't know how to shop for shoes!

  4. Your posts always make me smile :) I don't know how I missed the appendicitis thing before - yuck! Glad that the rest of your month was so fun :) Shoes - HILARIOUS!! Luckily, I have a husband who is very particular with his shoes - he's the one who has to get on me about wearing $2 flip flops all summer....

  5. GREAT pictures! My fave is Ella with the garden hose! We also have one that lives in his diaper. Adam asked me not to put his PJs on one day, he rubbed his hands on his chest and said, "Can I wear just me?"

  6. Loved the mega-post, Breeze ... almost as much as my awesome, highly functional $10 shoes, and not nearly as much as I love you.

    Thank you so much for the time, effort, and love you put into this blog. This is way better than (s)crapbooking. :-)

  7. I love chalk days, looks like the kiddos had a blast with it. Love our picture and the pictures you took down town as well. Really the hunk needs new shoes, no velco! Amy WEbb


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