Wednesday, June 1


the other night,
we were watching home videos and
old pictures forever.
So much fun!
And there were a handful of cookie pictures.
I have an obsession with photographing treats, YOU know.
The Hunk & I became ravenous for
something sweet.
Bad news!
We had no milk, sugar, or eggs.
I became frantic for something sweet & chocolate.
Oh, no!
I was becoming more picky and impatient by the second.
And then.....

I found this:
A recipe for the
(I added that part)
vegan chocolate cake.
Yum, yum, can I get anotha' YUM?!
I'm not a health addict,
I don't care if my food is organic or not,
I don't believe in extreme diets for me personally,
if that's what vegans eat.....
I'm on board.
I didn't have white sugar so I used brown.
And added a semi-sweet ganache trick to the top.

No eggs!
I still can't get over it.

Celebrating impromptu rides
on Uncle G's new ride.

No, he did NOT actually ride.

Celebrating a garden!
Our garden!
Well, our efforts into a community garden.
Cucumbers, zucchini, pepper, watermelon,
and all those goodies.
I had this vision of my little family
digging side by side,
nourishing the earth,
rejoicing in the harvest,
you know the one.
I'm kind of alone on this however.
But I'm loving our family bike ride to the plot
while mama does the grunge work
and kids run wild.

or lay patiently

Celebrating the boy that is 5 pounds lighter
after getting a haircut from Grandma!
those curls in back were a fat rat's nest,
poor guy.

Midday snoozes.

Mama's lil' green-thumb-ed

Celebrating a night out with my Hunk
at the ball.
I wore heels, a hoop skirt,
and sparkly jewelry.
It was awesome.
I could barely walk,
couldn't sit or breathe,
and felt like a zillion bucks!
The Hunk was very dashing himself
and drooled all night over his date.

Celebrating the "Father & Sons
Brian took Bugg for the first time.
They didn't stay over night
but it was special & memorable.

Bugg LOVED riding in
Dada's truck and belly-laughed going over bumps.
(look for a video of it tomorrow!)

Sweet'ems fell asleep
on the dirty kitchen floor.
A nap is a nap
and I'll celebrate it where ever it happens!

The before picture.
The girl's first beauty shop
hair cut.
Eh, so what if it was Great Clips.
She was tickled pink.

10 inches!
Just enough to donate
to Locks of Love.
So sweet!

So, I'm curious, do other parents take weird pictures of their kids' haircuts?

The after pic

Mia feels all commercial
rock stylish!

She's been asking for a "bob"
for a couple of months now.
I just wasn't ready.
But now that it's done,
it is so completely her.
We all love it.
And there is no more hairbrush drama
in the mornings,
most importantly!

celebrating SUMMER!

We picked Mia up on the last day
of school,
all decked out in the SUMMERtime Mini.
Aren't we so embarrassing?
Especially cheering all the kids as they passed us.
"Yay! Good job! Wahoo, it's summer!"

We had her swoosh through the first grade
finish line.

Happy JUNE!


  1. The line "we had her swoosh through the 1st grade finish line" tipped me over the edge. Puddles! You're amazing, Bree! I've decided I want to be reincarnated, switch places and come back as YOUR child!

  2. AWESOME! Every part of this post made me happy! Love the hair, love your that your husband is wearing a BYU t-shirt:) And, I can't wait to meet you in September when we're out there for therapy!!! Pencil us in:)


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