Tuesday, December 20

Christmas flurry

It's Christmas week!
Are you so excited?!!!

this morning, waiting for the bus to arrive

I've been burning some midnight oil
trying to get projects done.
Christmas break starts tomorrow!
We'll be delivering frozen cookie dough balls
Crossing fingers for a White Christmas.
We're so close!
I'll try & stop by again this week.
Hope you have a terrific tinsel-of-a-Tuesday!


  1. I just LOVE reading your blog ...I'm so happy for you all ...a new little one!! My daughter reminds me so much of your little BUGG, thank you for sharing his story :) Love Karen

  2. We have so much snow and getting more. I hope you get some.

  3. You are so wonderful and amazing. Thank you for sharing your story here, you are a true inspiration.


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