Wednesday, December 7

Watcha' Wanna Know Wednesday: All New on The Bugg's *Special* Life

You're going to love this:

Every Wednesday,
I'm going to post your questions
and answer them!!!
Neat-o, right?!

You can email me a question or
ask it in the comments.
I will post your questions anonymously.

Here are some old ones that I haven't answered yet:

Q: What do you love to do when you get time for just you? Just Bree all alone?

(does it happen)?

In the same way that it is so important to make time for 'date night' with your spouse, do you ever take time for yourself?

If so, what do you relish in and look forward to doing?

Would you take a long walk with your camera in hand, capturing breathtaking views?

Would you read in your pajamas for hours?

A: I love this question!
YES to everything!

My husband & I feel that 'alone' time is really important
for each of us to have.
We've come up with a great solution:
Each week (theoretically, anyway), we get a night out just for ourselves.
We are off duty at 6pm and are free to do whatever.
Sometimes I go to the library & just browse.
Or a cupcake run with some friends.
Maybe I'll just stay home but don't have to be available to anyone.
Craft nights, movie nights, an uplifting church meeting,
shopping. Thrift stores are my fave!
I love my nights off very much. And I love Brian so much for suggesting this!

There may be other moments during the day when I'm able to sneak away for a bit.
Like to take pictures!
Especially of lovely sunsets.
And if I have the right book....something like The Blue Castle....then I'd read
forever in my jammies.

my birthday cake float

Mostly, though, I do a lot of things for me in the everyday.
I do my hair in pin curls & try out new lip colors.
I craft things for my house.
Just now, I spent an hour stringing orange slices & popcorn making
a Christmas-ey garland to hang above the piano.
I loved that quiet time creating something for my home.
I bake cookies for my family, sure, but I make the kind that I like.
And if I want to go out for ice cream,
we're going out for ice cream just 'cause.
Or convincing my husband to take us to Disneyland, spur of the moment!
All the outings & celebrations are for my family, but also a lot for me.
Selfish, maybe.
But I love LOVE making & keeping these special memories
with the ones I love.

Q: You mentioned a while back that your camera broke ... glad to see it's fixed. Is that a new lens that captured that cool shot of the bee flying through the sprinkler?

A: Yes, my camera (the D40) is now fixed. But at this time last summer, I was using my Pa-in-law's D90. Niiiiiiice camera, by the way! But I had also gotten a new lens for my birthday.....this one. It's a telephoto lens and it is way fun. I love being able to take close-ups without being close up to my subject. Such as taking pics of kids running on the slip 'n slide. Yay, I don't get wet!

I still can't bring myself to flirt with the D-5100 that we got like 2 months ago!!!!

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  1. I'd like to know about your favourite comfort foods. What kinds of foods make your belly smile in the middle of the cold winter days?


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