Wednesday, December 21

Whatcha' Wanna Know Wednesday

Q: I'd like to know about your favorite comfort foods. What kinds of foods make your belly smile in the middle of the cold winter days?

Italian sausage, kale & white bean soup
oh, yes

A: Soup. Soup. Soup.
Any kind of soup.
I'd eat it every night of the week if my family was
more enthusiastic about eating soup.
My favorites include chowders, vegetable, lentil, chicken (with dumplings).......
like I said, most any kind will make me comfy & happy.


A: Did you fill out baby books for each of your kids? You orchestrate such lovely outings & experiences and document the memories in beautiful detail in your photographs. I'm wondering if you have a system for organizing and/or creating "keepsakes" (outside of the blog) for your kids and yourself.

Like my mini Christmas tree?

Q: Can I get an "amen" for blogging?
I love being able to have this sweet, sacred space for journaling.
I tried scrapbooking but just wasn't consistent in keeping it updated.
I have baby books for my girls.
I love these ones that can be personalized.
Bugg doesn't have a baby book. I couldn't stand not being able to
fill out the milestones.
That was dumb, I wish I had one.
each of our children have a journal by my bed.
Including our babe soon to be!
I have written letters to them all,
even before they were born.
I'll include funny things they've said or done,
a special outing,
a momentous occasion,
thoughts I have........
they're very special & I hope that they'll treasure them someday.
They also each have a box of keepsakes.
Like their hospital bracelets & newborn cap.

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  1. I do the journals for my little ones too. Starting with pregnancy and continuing on. They are so much fun to look through later on with the kids! Poor Ruby, hers has entries in it, but not near as many. Something about being the 4th child...I am going to make an extra effort to write in hers regularly! :)


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