Tuesday, December 13


There is much to celebrate this season......

A little baby girl!
Bumping, hiccuping,
kicking & flipping in my belly.

Lots of it.
And a whole lotta snowflakes.
Let there be snowflakes!!

I LOVE Mia's colored snowflakes.

Afterschool snack snowflakes, too.
Fold tortilla into a triangle and cut away.
Fry both sides in butter sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar.

Branches linked together with floral wire,
pinecones hung with fishing line.

I think Winter beauty can be every bit
as charming as Spring beauty.
It just takes some looking around.
Or, in my case, driving the streets of our neighborhood,
knocking on strangers' doors,
and asking if I can gather a bagful of their pine boughs,
pinecones, or berries.
A bit awkward.
But they'll remember me when next year comes around.

Use 3 day old popcorn
for easier stringing.

The ever lovely stringing of cranberries
& popcorn while watching a holiday flick.
This is long & tedious & worth every poke in
the fingers.
Brian & Mia joined me, though, & it went fast.

Dried orange slices & some cinnamon sticks.

We hosted a dinner
for some loved ones.

It's a must.
If we don't read the book,
we've got to see the play.

And the LIGHTS!

Hope your Christmastime
is merry & bright,
(with a good craft goin'),
and special & meaningful, too.
Tomorrow is What'cha Wanna Know Wednesday!


  1. love, love, love all your decorations.

  2. Did you fill out baby books for each of your kids? You orchestrate such lovely outings & experiences and document the memories in beautiful detail in your photographs. I'm wondering if you have a system for organizing and/or creating "keepsakes" (outside of the blog) for your kids and yourself.

  3. Christmas is so magical. You do a fabulous job capturing the magic.


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