Wednesday, February 29

Whatcha' Wanna Know Wednesday

Q: does Bugg go to primary with the other kids his age?

A: Yes, he does & he loves it!
(I should get pictures of him at church!!)

My husband actually answered this question in the comments awhile back.

Originally, I would take Bugg to Primary, then to Elders' Quorum (men's class) with me. He was very loud, so we mostly wandered the halls trying not to bother anyone.

After a time, special helpers were called to assist with Bugg so I could attend my own classes occasionally.

Eventually, we decided to drop him off at Primary alone to see how he did. Now he goes to Primary by himself and even to his class! The teachers and kids don't mind his constant laughing and noises, and they always know where to find us if/when we are needed.

He does very well, and we think he really enjoys it, especially music time! I do find myself staying with him sometimes, because I love being with Bugg in Primary.

I don't know why it took us so long to just let go of him at church.
But our primary president really encouraged us to have him attend with his class.
I love seeing how included he is, it is so so sweet.
The kids come sit by him.
And he gets called on to come up to the front to help lead a song.
He often gets the giggles and the kids all love it.
Our whole family even did a Sharing Time
in Jr. & Sr. Primary
to let them know all about Wyatt.
We explained how he is different.
We showed them how his hot wheels work.
Explained ways they could include him & talk to him.
And we answered all their questions.
It was beautiful.
Every 6 months or so, I go into his little Sunday School class
and talk to the children about him.
We want to make sure they feel comfortable around him
and that he feels loved by them, too.


  1. I agree, Brooke. Bree, I think you should do a video of him laughing just so all your readers can experience it.

  2. I love the sharing time idea! We should do that for grant! We had a very similar experience with grant and primary. He loves it now as well, especially te singing time!

  3. I love sitting in front of you guys at church. his laughs makes my day ever time.

  4. Becca has ALWAYS loved Primary! Especially singing time. I worried that she may not love Young Womens as much (can you believe she just turned 12, cuz I can't!!) but she has loved it just as well. The girls that have been with her since the beginning are still there, she knows their voices. The sweetest thing: this week we were setting up chairs for opening exercises for our activity (I am second counselor in YW) and when I came back to sit down, a group of girls was already sitting by her, so I sat down the row. I love when that happens!! :D The Lord puts such wonderful people together in Wards... just the ones we need. :)


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