Wednesday, February 22


Dada & his boy at the car show.

The sweet love notes
we've had up all month around the house.

The adorably cute & weird
sleep positions I find them in.

These sisters are such sneaks.
They decided to have a slumber party
in Bugg's room without my knowledge.
But it really is one of my favorite things,
while peeking in on each one before I go to bed,
to find them like this.

Celebrating Ella's impressive yoga talents.
And that she's potty-trained!
fingers crossed!!

Her new phrase lately:
"last year."
As in,
"I peed in my underoos last year."

Celebrating President's Day!
With a big brunch at my sister's house.
Bugg couldn't quite get a hold on the pose.
He was actually dying laughing, though.

The missing one:
Hudson, aka: Huddy Buddy.

Celebrating car seat shopping!
Okay, not really something to celebrate.
Especially with 3 children in tow.
None of which are behaving.
Even Wyatt!
He just wanted to be held.
Plus, buying two car seats in one shot
can be kinda painful to pay for!
and mind you,
one of those car seats has to accommodate
a very special growing boy with a 5 point harness.
Tricky, I tell you.

But here is where we really celebrate!!!
We decided to call the home healthcare people
to see if they had any options for us.
Wyatt's insurance will cover a car seat.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!say what????!!!!!!
They offer the Britax Traveler.
That Bugg is so blessed.

It has been one mild heck of a winter.
While still cold,
it hasn't been too cold too handle.
And today was just beautiful.
So we celebrated and took to the driveway
with some potato-print painting.

The wind smacked her painting right into her nose!

And celebrating a special boy
and his special life.
Caleb's funeral was just beautiful.
As I sat there with Erin,
tears streaming my cheeks listening to Caleb's sweet
parents & brothers talk about their little Wink,
I felt so grateful to be a part of this special life.
Having Wyatt in our lives has given us such unique
opportunities to know great, GREAT, truly neat people.
Like the Moody's.
The love & joy that they have for Caleb,
and for life,
is so inspiring.
I left the funeral completely filled
and grateful to a loving Father in Heaven
for His perfect Plan of Happiness.
Families are forever!
I feel more motivated to love deeper
and cherish this life ~
unique challenges and all.
To have more gratitude.
To celebrate.


  1. Fab photos.
    Love Wyatt's big grin over his Dad's shoulder

  2. I didn't see you at Caleb's funeral. We were sitting up on the right side in the benches. I wish I would have run into you. It would have been great to see you in person. It was a touching and emotional day.

    Love all the photos. They are all so cute and getting big.

  3. I saw you a couple of days ago! I even waved at you... but you were watching Mia cross the street to you by the school and I was sitting inside my hubs scary car. My car was chock full of dinosaur bones and I was picking 4 kids up from after school clubs so I swapped cars with him. (Next week there will be some AWESOME dinosaur bones displayed in the library at the school :))
    Your littlest is looking so much like her big sister. Such a sweet babe! And you're looking ridiculously adorable as a pregnant lady ;)

  4. Why oh why can't you live close to me?! I LOVE the sleep pics! It's funny too about Ella saying "last year" because Ashton just told Taylor that he peed in the potty last year

  5. Hi. I'm a friend of April's. I was at Caleb's funeral, too. I found your blog through her blog, and I wish that I could have met you there. Your little Bugg is so adorable! You mommas are inspiring!

  6. When Erin told me you were at the funeral, I was so sad to have missed you:( One day soon we'll meet in person I'm sure. It was a such a great funeral...almost sacred. I still think about it often. Love that Caleb...and the entire family.

  7. Becca has that same seat!! Hers is navy blue. We've had it since forever... like when she was 4 or something and we still use it and she just turned 12. :) You will LOVE it!

    I love Daddy/Son pics! Yours are too sweet! ;)

    What a sweet graduation for Wink.


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