Wednesday, February 15

treats, treats, red & pink

Every holiday is my favorite.
But Valentine's Day?
Well, it just may be THE favorite.
(But ya never know,
St. Pat's is just around the corner.)

The prep is always my favorite part
of any holiday.
Bugg totally dug these homemade suckers.
No chewing involved, great flavor.
Perfect treat for him.

A cookie exchange party
honoring a very special
friend that is moving away soon.
My freezer is full of cookies!

Martha's Chocolate Ice Cream sandwiches
with strawberry ice cream

Treats, treats, treats galore!
To share, to keep, to gift.

The prep that gets me real giddy?
Making Valentines!

We helped Mia make these fortune teller
Valentines for her classmates.

We were so lucky to have my sister, Kylee,
spend a couple days with us.
We went heart-attacking.
Cover a neighbor's door with hearts,
ditch cookies on their step
and RUN.

After children were finally asleep,
Ky & I spread the lovey magic.
Slyly giving cupid tattoo kisses on cheeks,
scattering chocolate kisses everywhere,
hanging lights & heart doilies,
setting the breakfast table just right,
and getting to bed way late.
So much fun!

The highlight of the holiday.
Just as I knew growing up.
Coming out to see the candlelit table all decorated
and special
with Valentines from my parents by our plate.

Bugg got a chocolate heart on his oatmeal.
The rest of us enjoyed red crepes.
And lots of sugary love, too!

The sweetest Valentine from Auntie KyKy.

Target had pink strawberry straws
for our milk!

A Valentine for our little

I made these sweet little pillows.
They'll be fun to keep on the kids' beds
and tuck in notes for them to find.

I don't give Wyatt hardly any sugar.
He is so happy & content with his
But I did pack a red jello in his lunch.
Lucky kid.

I got a note back from him!

We had a picnic dinner with
mini heart pizzas.
I love love love these sweet people so much!

Hope you felt extra loved on the Day of Love!


  1. Love the heart tattoos on everyone's' cheeks! What fun!

  2. Thank you for the good idea on the suckers...I think id like to try them for Kiara (who is special like Bugg)


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