Wednesday, February 8

Whatcha' Wanna Know Wednesday

Q: How are you able to take care of Wyatt
while being pregnant?
Can you still lift him?
How is he dealing with your pregnancy?

A: It has been triiiiick-Y!
For sure.
Last time I was pregnant,
Bugg was only 25 lbs & it got really hard for me then.
But now he's 40 lbs.
And while I'm used to lifting him,
my strange pre-term contracting body doesn't handle his
awkward gangly 40 lbs very well.

But something that he now does that is super helpful to me:
With lots of support, but still.
That makes caring for him lots easier.
Like washing his hands at the sink,
putting on his jacket,
making him kiss my belly......

Since my husband works at home,
he is mostly in charge of doing the lifting now.
But I really miss Bugg.
I miss carrying him around and just feeling him sink into my shoulder.
He loves it.
We also sit next to each other and cuddle on the couch.
He loves this, too, though......

I can bend down to his height
and give him a squeeze.

He is handling this just as he does everything:
total patience & love.


  1. I have a question. I know he goes to a special school during the week (went down for a hearing test and saw his pic on the wall), does he go to primary with the other kids his age?

  2. He is such a sweetie! Much love to you and your family.

  3. This post melts my heart! So cute!

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  5. That is awesome he is standing. Wow he can come along ways but this pasted he he has been full of surprises! Way to go Buggs!

  6. WOW-- so awesome to see bugg standing!!!!

  7. I am curious about the Primary qestion too!

    What a little stud standing up like that! I am so proud of him! Way to go Bugg!

  8. I LOVE that pic of you two standing by the garage. What a priceless shot. He is a breath of heaven, that boy. Hope you are feeling good? I'm having a brain warp and forgetting your due date. I'm guessing I won't see you at Women's Conf. this year. :(

  9. Really gorgeous and sweet photos!

  10. Wow! I didn't realize he weighed so much! Can you do a post about his eating/feeding? It's something we really struggle with & since your little man has almost identical diagnoses, I would love to hear how you handle it! Briley is 4 & 1/2 now and still only weighs 24 pounds.

  11. That is soooo exciting! Way to go Wyatt!

  12. Originally, I would take Bugg to Primary, then to Elders' Quorum with me. He was very loud, so we mostly wandered the halls trying not to bother anyone.

    After a time, special helpers were called to assist with Bugg so I could attend my own classes occasionally.

    Eventually, we decided to drop him off at Primary alone to see how he did. Now he goes to Primary by himself and even to his class! The teachers and kids don't mind his constant laughing and noises, and they always know where to find us if/when we are needed.

    He does very well, and we think he really enjoys it, especially music time! I do find myself staying with him sometimes, because I love being with Bugg in Primary.

  13. Love that baby bump! You look great! I only got two people to send me pics for that video I wanted to make (thank you, by the way) so I didn't make it. I DID, however, make one that you might like. You can find it on youtube. It is called "I Do Not Have Special Needs."

  14. P.S. Melts my heart to see Bugg standing!

  15. These pictures made me smile. He is such an adorable little boy!!!


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