Sunday, February 26

a Sunday play-by-play

Today started very early............

3:15am ~ wake up to Bugg babbling & laughing.
I check on him & smile.
Might as well pull the crockpot chicken from the fridge
& turn it on.

6:30am ~ Ella climbs in bed with us & falls asleep.
I get up & check on Bugg.
The kid looks like he's been in the ring with Rocky.
Major bloody nose smeared all over his face!
Poor guy.

7 to 8:45am ~ morning madness to get ready for church.
We are only a couple minutes late - not bad.

Enjoying a treat today
9:15am ~ the Hunk takes Wyatt out of sacrament meeting
because he's fussin'.
9:25 ~ they come back in and Brian's shoulder is covered in blood.

The bloody nose returns.
Brian goes home to change his shirt.

9:35 ~ mega lovely smells coming from Bugg's diaper region.
Ask friend to watch over my girls.
Ella follows me out.
Discover a close-to-exploding messy diaper.
Try & remain cheerful.
Change Bugg in the closed-off overflow of the chapel,
thinking I can get it done real quick.
Discover I've forgotten the wipes.
Track down wipes from a nice person.
Think to myself,
"Should I really have to be changing an almost six year old's diaper?"
Try to see comedy in all this chaos.
This is funny, right?
I love my Bugg so much.
He is such a rascal.
and Where the heck is my husband?!!!
Oh, my gosh,
the smell is leaking out into the halls!

10:00am ~ the Hunk is back in a fresh white shirt.
mess is cleared.
Pray that the smell will dissipate soon,
before the congregation lets out.

10:15 ~ take kids to primary.
waddle around like a 90 year old because of all my contractions.

our treat ~ homemade frosting on grahams
11:15 ~ talk to Bugg's primary class
about his special needs,
and answer their cute questions.
Feel so blessed to have him in our family
and be able to share his awesome specialness with those around us.

12:00 ~ go home to delicious
roast chicken & veggies in the crockpot.
Throw the raised rolls in the oven.
Okay! Something went smoothly!

1:15 pm ~ home teachers come over.
Bugg gets another bloody nose.
What's going on?!!!!

2pm ~ quiet time
Everyone takes a nap.
Sort of.
Ella goes potty by herself & makes a mess
while dumping out her bowl.

3:45 ~ wake up
Need something sweet.
Make homemade chocolate frosting
for graham crackers.
Eat too many.

Bugg's treat soaked in milk
to make it mushy for him to eat

5:00 ~ we go on a short walk
Still too cold.
Long for Spring & flowers.

6:00 ~ play make-believe with the girls.
I'm "Mrs. King," a school teacher.

6:30 ~ Watch Little House on the Prairie.
Start this blog post.

7:15 ~ sing camp songs in Bugg's room.

7:30 ~ Bedtime routine & tuck in

9:00 ~ tuck the rascal-y girls in AGAIN!
Finish this post.

by the way,
he loved his treat!


  1. Cute pictures, but what's with all the bloody noses?

  2. You ran a Mommy Marathon! Maybe tomorrow will just be a half-marathon!! :)


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