Wednesday, March 31

don't underestimate the wheels

It snowed today.
It always snows
in the Spring here.
I reminds me of a
time when we actually
welcomed the snow.
Way back in January.
The 2nd day, to be exact.

We went sledding.
Weather was glorious.
Amazing scenery.
Family & friends, the best.
Food. Fire. Hot chocolate.
Happy children.

Baby's first sledding trip.

And Bugg.
What were we going
to do with him?
We'd done this before
last year but he was smaller,
and we went where there
was cement so we could push him.
We can't bring his hot wheels
into the snow!!!
Could we?
Oh, I don't even want to go!
Poor Bugg.
He gets left out of so much.
it's easier to just
stay home.

The hot wheels are awesome.
Once again,
Bugg proved that he can't be stopped.

And he can sled, too!
Safely on dada's lap.

That was a really
beautiful day.
And now I'm ready
for green grass and
I wonder how his wheels
will work in sand?
We'll try that one someday.
We are unstoppable like that!


  1. I LOVE It! I'm so glad he could go sledding! And whenever you want to try out those hot wheels in the sand, let me know!

  2. Unstoppable that's great so nice to see him sledding glad to see you don't let the weather get you down. it's so much like spring here in canada the kids are ditching winter jackets this week and riding around on bikes. This isn't typical for March though so we are just enjoying it.

  3. Those pictures are adorable and I absolutely LOVE your hat!

  4. I agree with Grammaduh!!! Your pictures are so crisp and clear! Of course it helps to have beautiful people to photograph!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  5. How great that he didn't have to miss out. Sand is a stinker though I tell ya!!

  6. That is awesome that he was able to make it and enjoy all the fun. The Hot Wheel is definatly the best thing for that little bugg. Glad to see you enjoying the snow.


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