Thursday, May 20

the King celebrates his birthday

Birthdays are magical.
The entire day just feels special & different.
Even the mundane chores are pleasant.
I have perma-smile.

So did he.

Meeskii helps Bugg hunt for his gifts.
I cherish our simple, sweet traditions.
They mean more to me than
huge parties and expensive gifts.
Like when we all went into Bugg's
room in the morning
and sang Happy B-day.
Eating donuts and chocolate milk
for breakfast.
I loved staying up late the night before
to make his crown.
Planning favorite meals.
Hiding presents.
Decorating in & outside
the house on b-day eve.

4 donuts for the 4 year old!

His teacher shares Bugg's day, too!
She got the balloons.
Special Bugg delivery.

Yes, I'd been bawling.
I will post about this soon,
as it was truly unforgettable.

I have wishes for my boy.
Not to walk or talk.
I may have made those wishes
in past years.
Now I have much
bigger wishes than those.
Some are already coming true.
Like having him touch the world!
Thank you, Bugg readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugg got another set of wheels.
Awesome. Awesome.
Oh, the places we'll go with this!

We had wonderful visitors all day.
Grandpas & Grandmas.
Aunts, cousins, friends.
They brought fun gifts.
Thank you!
We were just getting ready to dig
in to Martha's amazing baked ravioli
(Bugg got to use the special red plate),
when the famous & lovely Miss Britt came over.
She brought a sweet sensory gift, too.
And do you know what?
We get to keep her next year!
We found out on his birthday,
what a gift!
It must have been the cookies.
Crazy cool.
Then we took off for some
roller skatin'.

All 5 of us got to roll.

Wyatt's life is a present to me,
to us.
I sometimes wonder about how he & I
ended up together.
And how the Hunk, Meeskii, and Rooskii
are with us, too.
I bet we were friends in heaven
before we came to earth.
We loved each other so much that
we couldn't be apart
so God blessed us to find each other
in this life.
I'm infinitely glad & grateful!


  1. Love this post. The "W" pic is awesome.

  2. What a wonderful birthday tribute to such a special boy. And how fun to share his birthday with Miss Rachael...another special person! I was totally excited to hear the news of Miss Britt getting to stay for next year as well. A huge blessing! Happy Birthday Wyatt!!!

  3. What a special day for a special family! HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet boy!!

  4. Happy Happy birthday! What a fun day, the new wheels look great. And that cake with the strawberries, delicious!!

  5. Every time I read your blog I just feel good inside! Thanks for sharing! Wyatt is so amazing and I am glad he had a good birthday!

  6. What a great birthday. The roller skating looked so fun. I'm also glad he was able to keep his teacher. That always makes the year go a little smoother when you don't feel like you have to start with square one getting another teacher up to speed.

    Have a great birthday weekend!

  7. Holy Cow looks like Wyatt got the royal treatment for his birthday. I'm still sad we didn't get to go skating. I love the new wheels. Wagons are so much fun. See you tomorrow!

  8. Thank you so much for being willing to share your amazing Bugg with all of us. Your wonderful family always brightens my day and I look forward to your lessons in RS every month, bummed that I missed this month's!

  9. lovely post! Happy Birthday, Wyatt!

  10. What a GREAT birthday!!! I LOVE the pic at the roller rink! fun way to celebrate!

  11. Happy Birthday, Bugg! (I call my kids Bug, also). You don't know me, I clicked on the link to your blog from my cousin's blog and have been reading you ever since. You inspire me daily and make me want to be a better mom to my 5 wonderful children. Bugg is truly touching the world! I was getting ready for bed and remembered, "I haven't checked out Bugg's birthday week yet today!" ...and here I am. Keep writing and we'll all keep reading. I'm sure you think you're just an average family, but I think you're an amazing family doing amazing things.

  12. What a lovely post! I love the birthday crown, the birthday donuts, the new wheels, the sparklers. You all look so cute roller skating!

    And I'm oh so glad that Bugg gets to keep his teacher, the best gift of all.

  13. Oh my goodness, there are so many great pictures in this post and so much happiness oozing out of them!

    Congratulations and hooray for Miss Britt staying...the cookies worked!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Cute pictures. :) Love the donuts and candles - awesome.

  15. I can't believe he is already 4. He is so big. I love all that you do for birthdays and Wyatt's especially. Happy Birthday all month long too!

  16. Happy Birthday Wyatt! Bree, you area a rock star of a mom!


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