Thursday, May 6

some ?s answered!

I am loving all your questions & comments! Thank you so much. And if you haven't yet, make a comment here to try and win a little somethin' fun in honor of the Bugg's upcoming birthday.

OK, so if Bugg could talk, this is what I think he'd answer.................

Grandma asked Bugg: What's it like to communicate with Heavenly Beings because I KNOW you do.

Grandma, I love you. You are so good to me. And yep, I do talk to God and angels and boy, are they funny! Especially at 4:30 am. The house is real quiet, everyone is sleepin', and I wake my mama up with my giggles and loud laughs. Sometimes she comes in and looks around the room and up at the ceiling. She can't see anything but she knows. Something special is going on between me and the heavens. And I love it. It makes me feel so happy to know that I am a child of God and that He loves me so much. I'm glad that he gave me this very special life. Oh, and I think it's time for a haircut, please.

Catherine asked: Bugg - I know it will be hard to say, but WHO is funnier, mom or dad :-) That laugh of yours is contagious, thank you!

Gee, that IS hard. My dada throws me up in the air and that makes me laugh. And my mama plays hide 'n seek with me and nibbles on my neck and I laaaaauuugh at that, too. I'll say mama 'cause she's prettier.

April asked: Bugg- what do you really see through those lenses of yours? I have a feeling you see more than any of us ever will... :)

Hi April! I like that question. I wish I could explain to you what I see. I wish I could tell my mama, especially when she gets so sad about having a handicapped boy. I know it's hard for her, but if she just knew how much God loves her and how much I love her, she'd have more joy in her heart than she knew was possible. One thing that I see is how simple and joyous this short life is. If only more people knew where we came from, why we're here on earth, and where we get to go in the next, everyone would be a lot happier.

This is loads of fun, all you Bugg-lovers! We'll keep going with more questions tomorrow. Don't be bashful now. Bring 'em on! Anything! We are not shy folk. You can comment or email me. Even if you've already asked something, ask more! We love it!

PS: Hahahahahahaa. I just read the Hunk's comments while I have been blogging. You gotta read 'em.


  1. Oh man he's a cutie pie!!!

    I have no questions, as I'm new to the readership, but I am having fun reading :DD


  2. Bugg-a-boo-ski, I love you! I so look forward to the day when I can sit and talk with you and have you tell me all the things you were thinking so many times when I wondered, asked you, but you couldn't tell me. I want you to know that my life is so much better because of you. The one thing that I'll ask you first is, "What was it that helped you to be so incredibly patient when life buzzed so fast around you?" You always wait so patiently for someone to help you, feed you, bathe you, play with you, and sing to you. How can I learn better patience from you?

  3. Yes, definitely haircut time! This weekend. Bree, sometime you should do a tutorial on how I cut Bugg's hair. It is unique way for sure!

  4. Bugg, do you always feel like a superstar? Because your mama sure takes lots of ADORABLE pictures of you!

  5. I just love this. How fun to think about what is making him giggle in the middle of the night and what he sees through his lenses...


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