Tuesday, May 11

cookies that advocate

I talked to Mr. Budget Cutter
on the phone.
We are still trying to
save Miss Britt.
He was nice.
He explained things well.
He is a good person.
I liked him, actually.
But still......
we needed to kick it up
a notch, if you
know what I mean.
And I think you do.
Yes, the cookies.

We decided to go straight
to the good stuff.
GREAT VALUE Oatmeal, at that.
Good old fashioned chocolate
chip oatmeal cookies.

With cinnamon.
NO raisins.
NO nuts.
Lots of chocolate.

Bugg's face of approval.
These cookies were so
deliciously perfect
to take to the head honcho.
These were going to
make him remember
his young boyhood days
at home when his mama
would have oatmeal cookies
on the table when he got home from school.
We'd get him right where we wanted him.

His heart melting
at the taste of these cookies,
his soul softening at the sight of Bugg,
his mind recalling only
that he wanted to keep Miss Britt.

We wrapped the cookies up special.
Wrote a sweet note.
I gelled Bugg's curls to their cutest.
We wheeled into Mr. Budget Cutter's office.
he wasn't there.
(even after specifically calling to make sure that he'd be there!)
However, it was cool
because we got to meet another
head honcho who was gracious and
awesome and even knew who
we were.
Apparently, Bugg & his mama have been discussed.
Ahem. That's good, right?


  1. Great move! I like it. So...who got the cookies? Head honcho #1, or Head honcho #2?

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  3. NICE!!! I need to get my oven fired up too and take a trip down there with Granty. Did you leave a picture like we were talking about or just go for the mental picture? We'll get our way eventually!

  4. Maybe I should try that! But I might go broke taking them to all the people here that aren't giving Jax what he deserves and needs!

  5. Rats. I forgot to leave a picture. Maybe next month?

  6. Bringing in cookies is definitely pulling out the big guns, I hope they work!

  7. That is SO good that they know who you are and what you need. I have found that is the only way to get things done. With the challenges we face, usually the only way things get done is when the squeaky wheel truly does get the grease. Good luck!

  8. I just caught up on all your new posts - either you've been busy or I've gotten behind. Either way, I just wanted to say that I loved Bugg's answers. And those cookies made my mouth water!

  9. That is one smart move mama! I hope it works and you get to keep Miss Britt.

  10. Resistance is futile with COOKIE STRATEGY- Especially oatmeal choc. chip! My favorite!!!
    ps. Caleb has the same tough "cookie" bib! We have great "taste" don't we!

  11. Those cookies look amazing! I hope your plan works. This blog is great btw!

  12. That is go good, and though cookies look awesome.

  13. That's my favorite! You're amazing!

  14. And p.s.
    I find it funny that we've only 'MET' a few times too - but yes...friends for a LONG time!


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