Wednesday, May 5

May is his month

I'm big on holidays.
All of 'em.
Who celebrated Cinco De Mayo today?

Bugg's b-day 2009
But birthdays?
Well, they are HUGE!
They are my favorite, in fact.

Celebrating a LIFE!
Especially the life of someone
so special and wonderful.
And to make them feel
like a king/queen on their birthday?
I thrive on stuff like that.

This is Bugg's month.
A good month.
The month this awesome and
perfect soul entered our family.
May 2006 changed us forever.
Celebrating our miracle Bugg
is a daily thing.
But in May,
it is magical.

And because I really love him
and I really love YOU
because you love HIM,
we're kicking off the
birthday festivities with a
wee giveaway.
From my favorite local bakery.
and remember this?

This cute little pennant banner?
It has been up for a few weeks
just because.
No parties, no b-days.
I just like color & festiveness.
I want you to have a jolly
banner in your home, too.
So I'm gonna make you one!
To remind you that life
is to be celebrated every single day.

Just tell me this:
If you could ask me or Bugg anything,
what would it be?
We'll answer every single one.
Ends Mother's Day Eve.


  1. This one's for Bugg: What's it like to communicate with Heavenly Beings because I KNOW you do.

  2. Bugg - I know it will be hard to say, but WHO is funnier, mom or dad :-) That laugh of yours is contagious, thank you!

  3. LOVE that you find the celebration in each day!
    Bugg- what do you really see through those lenses of yours? I have a feeling you see more than any of us ever will... :)

  4. This is for both of you: Which park is your favorite? I think we (as a community of bugg lovers) should all call and pester the city for a swing for Bugg. Then you wouldn't be the only one calling and they would perhaps be more inclined to acquiese. (that's a word, right?)

    The end.

  5. I am so excited!! May is my month too!! AWESOME! Bugg is so amazing! I am so lucky to know him.

  6. How did you both get so lucky?

  7. I don't have a question at this point, but I can't believe it took me so long to come to this sweet blog! I'm tearing up... he's so special & beautiful. And you're amazing.

  8. I just love your posts! I have a 6 yer old boy with curly hair and a May birthday baby girl with stick straight hair. Not fair at all.
    For Buggs: Do you just love your curly hair?
    We all sure do. Loves

  9. This one is for you Bree. Our special little guy requires some extra time, patience, energy, attention, etc... If we are not careful, it would be easy for the other kids in our family to take a back seat to J-Bird.

    We recognize this and try to carve out special time with each of our children, ie special dates, talks, outings, etc. I'm always looking for new ideas or approaches.

    My question: What do you and Mr. Hunky do to help your other kids feel special, important, needed and loved. I know this seems like kind of no brainer. I'm just wondering if you have found a certain somethin' somethin' that they really love and that they crave when it is THEIR time with mom and dad.

  10. Oh my goodness, I just love that Bugg every time I come to your blog! :) His hair, his eyes, his smiles.

    What is your FAVORITE Bugg part to smooch on? :)

  11. May is not only my month too but I feel pretty durn lucky to have the same birth day as Bugg!

    Bree: Where did you learn to be such an amazing cook? Learn from someone? Self-taught?

    Bugg: What do you enjoy doing most with each of your family members??

    Just a side-note Bree (you're AmAzInG!!!)

  12. You have a beautiful family!! What a great celebration that looks like, and Bugg is so cute!

  13. I'll try to help out a bit with my take on some of the answers.

    @Grammudah ... I think the angels make Bugg laugh a lot. I also think he, with his grander perspective, laughs at us a lot with our lack of perspective.

    @Catherine ... Dad (me) is funnier but Mom has her moments and certainly cooks better!

    @Jill ... Bree just deserves the "luck" she gets because she is so incredible. As for me, I got lucky because I used to be attractive and Bree used to think I'd make a lot of money someday. lol

    @Melissa Farr ... Bugg loves his hair when people run their fingers through it gently, and he hates his hair when Bree has to comb out the chaos in the back.

    @ANewKindofPerfect ... I typically just smooch Bugg's cheeks and forehead, but the real treat is that he gives the greatest hugs ever! He doesn't try to push away after two seconds like kids generally do.

  14. I too was wondering what you do to help the other kids not feel like they take a back seat? That seems difficult to me when you have one child with extra needs.

    p.s. the picture of you with Bugg on the swing is gorgeous. You are one beautiful lady!

  15. Hi

    Found your blog by way of Soulmama. I started a blog about my adult daughter with special needs in January,
    You and your family are doing such a wonderful job! God Bless.

  16. What does Bugg wish for his Birthday?

  17. Our baby is a May baby too. When he smiles at me my heart melts. He has got this funny little laugh that always makes me stop and listen. I bet Bugg's smile and laughter does the same thing to his mom and dad.


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