Sunday, May 16

a wheelchair story

The idea of putting
my son in a wheelchair
made me sick.
How could I do that to my child?

May 06
When Bugg was first born,
there were about a zillion questions.
Would he walk? Talk? Have health issues?
What?!!! Tell me!
But they couldn't.
No doctor or specialist
could tell us what to expect
from this wee babe
with a severe brain malformation.
Wait & see,
that's all we could do.

When he was 3 months old,
we saw a Neurologist.
She looked at his MRI
taken at birth,
and told me that it didn't look
very good that Bugg would ever walk.
We switched Neuros.
How could she possibly know that?!!!
He's only 3 months old!

We continued along with the therapies.
But at one year,
he still had head control problems,
wasn't sitting up
or pushing up from his belly.
I started to get nervous.
Please, No.
Not a wheelchair.

1st Birthday

At 18 months,
we trucked him around in
a stroller.
He was getting too heavy
to carry everywhere.
Bugg didn't have good support
in the stroller, though.
The idea of a wheelchair
started to sink in.
Plans were made.
And as the day approached,
which just happened to be Bugg's
I felt anticipation.
Excited for his future.
The day came and we
waited, peeking out the window.

We all stood and watched,
as the guy brought in the
shiny new hot wheels
and adjusted here and there.
Making a perfect fit for Bugg.

We went outside,
strolling up & down the street,
celebrating his new hot wheels.
The best birthday present
that our special boy could get.
And now you know his name.
So that's the story of how this......

became THIS.........

The HOT wheels

It's going to be a very good week!
It's the start of Bugg's


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUGG - you little cutie pie!

    Thanks for helping to make wheel chairs not so sad. Not real sure if Annabelle will walk or not. Just taking it day by day.

    Enjoy your week and your celebrations!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK~! I love the HOT WHEELS- especially the smiley little boys buckled in them!

  3. Happy birthday big boy!!
    I still feel wierd about wheelchairs. Even though his stroller is the same thing. Cost as much and came from the wheelchair shop. It just has a canopy that wheelchairs don't have!

  4. It's so interesting that you went from dread to excitement about the wheel chair. It's so wonderful that he has something that fits him so well and makes your life so much easier!

  5. This is a good place to insert Bugg's new hot wheels video!

  6. patience, Mama dear....patience.

    part II is tomorrow.

  7. Thanks for sharing this little piece of the story. I related in a different way. Even though our litle guy doesn't need a wheelchair, I related with the grief, worry, and anticipation of what is to come. We too do not know the future for Jacks. Only time will tell. We hold on to hope though. Without it... where would we all be. Sure, we have to have a strong sense of reality and dad to day struggles, but still... the hope is always there. Thanks again. I love having my feelings validated through other special needs moms.

    BTW, way to switch neuros. Such a warrior mom!

  8. Happy Birthday Week to your wonderful boy! You are an inspirational MOmmy!!!

  9. Wow, has it already been two years since he got his Hot Wheels? What a party that was! Happy Birthday week to Bugg. Can't wait to party with him.

  10. Bree, I really appreciate your honesty and candor here. You must be inspiring so many other moms.


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