Monday, May 10

how Bugg chose the winner

Here you all are.
Written on dried beans!
This is Bugg's favorite toy,
as you'll remember from the
youtube video.


So -
I put them all on his tray.
He swirled and grabbed and chucked.
Whichever one landed the farthest
would be the winner.
Which was....
You lucky gal.
Okay, I'm still going to
answer questions.
But we decided to paint
our bedroom and that's no
small project to cover up
chocolate brown walls.
The previous owners
had good taste but why
did they paint the ceiling brown, too?
So I'll be in & out a bit this week.
Happy Monday.
Love, Bree


  1. Bree-
    I was going through some old emails and came across the one you sent with the link to your blog about the buggy bag. I had totally forgotten about it since we were on vacation when you sent it. I finally am taking a look. The buggy bag sounds fabulous! I'll have to get one for Grant for next winter. I think your blog is great! What a wonderful tribute to such a special boy. It is such a good idea.
    I have a blog, but it's more of a journal for me to remember the happenings of our little family. It's not super exciting, but you're welcome to come take a look. I'm a little behind on my posts right now, but hope to get caught up soon. Check out the pics from our spring break trip. We went to a place called Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio. It's an amusement park for people with special needs. It was such a neat experience. You should really try to go some day.
    You're a great mom! Keep it up. We need to get together sometime and do some brainstorming for our boys.


  2. Such a cute and creative way to pick your winner! What a good helper Bugg is!

  3. Hey ... don't know if I've ever given you my blog address either. I had a personal one that I NEVER use any more but recently made a new one for me and my hubby.
    I love all your posts!

  4. I wonder whay color you are going to do? I think you should do stars, glow in the dark stars, with a milky way, that way when he goes to sleep at night for the after noon he has somthing to look at.

  5. Have fun with your painting project, I love home improvements.

  6. WHITE, Amy. Plain old borin' white.

    And it is actually my bedroom, not Bugg's. He already has such a cute room. I should post pics. I like the glow in the dark idea. For me, too!

  7. You know what? My mom's an interior designer, and she always paints the ceiling the same color as the walls. That's what I grew up with, so that's what I like and all of our rooms are painted that way. I know a lot of people think it's weird.

    Good luck covering up the brown! (Eva's room is painted dark chocolate brown, too, I dread the day we decide to change it.)


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