Monday, July 26



I really love our home here
in this sweet, blessed valley.

We celebrated Pioneer Day
by eating johnny cakes,
pulling taffy,
having a neighborhood parade.

Sometimes I feel like a pioneer myself.
Not like having a child with
special needs
has never been done before
it is so hard and lonely and I have no idea what I'm doing!
But maybe,
I hope I'm paving a way somehow,
for someone else,

I know I've been touched
by many, MANY special
pioneers that celebrate
a special life, too,
and I'm so GRATEFUL.

We're celebrating the
new-found freedom
of this doll.

We celebrated our house's b-day!
It is 2 years old now.
To us, at least.
Ice cream & something new for our house
make up the birthday party.

Hot summer downpours!
Sitting on the porch,
feeling the parched earth
cool while watching the neighbor children
& Meeskii build dams in the gutter.

And celebrating an evening walk
in the wake of the storm.
Ah, hallelujah! for some cool weather.
Double stroller turned TRIPLE.

My oldest gal's fashion knack - love it.

#gazillion times today that she has
stolen his specs.
What is to celebrate about that?
Believe you me:
if I saw Wyatt snatch a toy
from Rooskii,
I'd do backflips!
Every lil' thing this baby does
is just so amazing to me.
Wyatt teaches us to take nothing for granted.


  1. What fun! I don't even know what a Johnny Cake is but it looks yummy. :)

  2. They are just cornmeal pancakes. Not the best but good for the occasion.

  3. Bugg is a blessing to all. Pioneer day, sounds like soo much fun. We use to have days like those when the girls were little. Hold on to every minute. Clarice

  4. Wow, that sunset picture is stunning!!!

    I was so excited by yesterday's cooling temperatures and rain shower, it was glorious and felt like a gift.

  5. I am in love with your blog and sweet Bugg. And I'm happy to know we're Utah neighbors! Where do you live? We're in Syracuse, but up and down the wasatch front almost every day.

  6. I am completely in love with your blog. I have been following the Bugg :) for a few months now and let me tell you that Wyatt has become one of my favorite boys to follow up on. I love how many pictures you post I love Buggs hair I love your little girls beautiful pictures (the pictures of cake and snacks really make me hungry when I am checking up on Wyatt right before lunch lol). And I want to give you a quick and simple THANK YOU for sharing him with all of us.
    Mommy to Brianna 2 1/2 Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, gtube dependant and tons more
    and Hailey 5 :)

  7. Love your pictures and your family!!

  8. Hey Bree,

    You should know that there are kindred spirits in your situation that understand exactly how tough and lonely it can feel to be the mother of a special needs child. Christ understood the need to be UNDERSTOOD and that is why he experienced every hard thing we've had to endure on earth as part of the Atonement. Because sometimes you just need to feel like someone "gets" it. I get it.

    You're doing great.


  9. I do believe you are a pioneer, Bree, and that the experiences that you share are helping to pave the way for others.

  10. What a great post and what super great comments! I, too, recently got bogged down with the things I CAN'T do because of the special-ness our family exudes. Even though someone else saying "Been there, done that!" doesn't make it any easier to drag that wheelchair somewhere I have to be... it sure helps me to remember the love that gets me there. The actual physical labor is what wears me out and drags my spirits down sometimes, but loving Becca and being there for her and her siblings will always lift me up! :) And by the way, we use her wheelchair as a double stroller all the time and as soon as baby can hold on better, it converts to a triple... baby on Becca's lap holding onto arm rests and brudder on the foot rest. It works!! :D


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