Saturday, July 10

celebrating nature

Picnicking celebrates nature, no?
Eating outside in the shade
on a blanket of crumbs
with my family is so perfect.
It's like I feel time slow down
and I take a memory picture
to save in my mind forever.
And a picnic at the park?
Well, that's just FUN.

And then there's the woods.

Just a quick jaunt to the canyon
for dinner & s'mores.
and a bit of adventuring, too.

You've tried the giant
campfire mallows, right?

S'more Bugg,
you ask?

Nature and God's creations
are so incredible.


  1. You are a good Mom!! Your family is beautiful.

  2. First of all, did you have a broken thumb when you went on that hangy slidy thingy? Because you would be crazy. Secondly, I just introduced London to one of those just yesterday. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. And third, I think you guys need a vacation. To San Diego.

  3. You guys always seem to be out doing fun things, I need to take the inspiration I get from you and get outside more with my family!

  4. What fun! :) I love the swing pictures. My Peanut gets the biggest grins ever when she's swinging. I have to ask though, is it a wrestle to get Bugg out with his AFO's on? I always feel like I'm wrestling an alligator trying to get Peanut OUT of the dang swing when she's wearing hers! :)

  5. I'm Bugg's Grandma and I can answer the question above. YES! It's so hard to get him in and out of the swing. We've got the same kind of swing seats in our backyard and I pants-ed him twice recently trying to get him out. Meeski and I got a huge laugh over it both times which triggered Buggs belly laughter. Love those Grandma treasured moments!

  6. I hurt my thumb that night.

    Those afo's are monsters in the swing!


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