Sunday, July 18

the Lovers' birthdays

Some details from
this past party week....

Martha's White Layer Cake with Lemon Curd Filling.......HELLO.

We ate cake on the porch
in the sticky heat.
The baby ate crumbs off
the ground.
31 candles makes for a dreamy glow.

The hunk's cake was
Chocolate-covered Oreo Cookie Cake

B-day outings included a trip
to the spacious & air-conditioned mall.
'Cause you KNOW we weren't
going to be out in the heat!
Aunt Brooke & cousins joined us
and it was a blast.
Lunch in the food court,
throwing pennies in the fountain,
free chocolate samples,
and getting our lips glamoured up.

Flapjack Friday got a make-over.
Pancakes with kiwis and
Sugared Coconut Milk Syrup.
I got a make-over, too.....

Cashed in on free birthday meals!

This is a scene from one of my
favorite children's books,
Tasha Tudor's A Time to Keep.
This was my birthday wish.
To recreate it.

Wish granted!
I believe a new tradition
has been born.


  1. What cute new hair! Darling! Oh, and you must share the chocolate Oreo cake recipe. Those are two of my favorite things. :) I'm glad you guys had such great b-day celebrations. Joy in life is always a good thing.

  2. You make life look like so much fun. I want to come and hang out with you! Is that a real cake that you sent out to "sea"?

  3. Yes, a real chocolate cake! A 1/2-pricer from the grocery store, just in case it took a dive!

  4. Oh what magical days! Love your new hair do! I am smiling because Tasha Tudor's a childhood favorite of mine too! What wonderful taste we have!
    Happy birthdays!

  5. What a fun set of birthday's! Glad you had a great time celebrating!

  6. Yeah, it looks like you celebrated such a fun birthday!

  7. Happy belated birthday to you and the hunk! That chocolate cake looked amazing! As do your lips and new hair do!

  8. I love the makeover, you look fabulous!

    What a cool scene to recreate, where did you do that?

  9. I just saw something that totally made me think of you guys and your efforts to get Bugg a swing. Check out this blog. Maybe she could help you with tips on how to get the city to see things your way. :)

  10. Hey Bree,

    This is Emily, Hunter's mom. April Moody told me she knows you. I was thinking it would be fun to get our sweet boys together sometime and then of course we'd get to hang out too. Let me know if you're interested. Happy birthday by the way! Looks like it was lots of fun. Love the pic of Wyatt asleep at the food court-he's so cute!

  11. Your family is so darn cute. I have been checking in on your family for a while now. I found you through Sandie's site on ACC. My 4 moth old daughter Violet has ACC.
    Check us out sometime?


  12. Happy birthday (mine was two days ago), oh my gosh, I have always wanted a cake that floated down the river like Becky’s. I know this would make Tasha smile soo. You know Tasha Tudor day is a little over a month from now. Well enjoy all the love and special memories. Clarice

  13. Happy Birthday! What cute things!

    And the treats make me hungry thinking about them!

    Love the pics of the lips!

  14. I love it that you actually recreated it! So much fun. I would love to do it someday. It makes me want to make a list of all my childhood dreams and check them off one by one :).


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