Sunday, July 11

almost done with Q&A!

Let's get these questions finished up!

Shelane asked:

This is for both of you: Which park is your favorite? I think we (as a community of bugg lovers) should all call and pester the city for a swing for Bugg. Then you wouldn't be the only one calling and they would perhaps be more inclined to acquiese. (that's a word, right?)

Thanks, Shelane! So very awesome of you! We'll be in touch on that one!

Jill asked:

How did you both get so lucky?

Indeed, Jill. We both did get so very lucky. I often think about the time that all of us shared in heaven, before we came to earth to receive physical bodies. We all existed as spirit bodies and lived with our Heavenly Father. He loved us and knew each one of us. We were all very excited to come to earth to receive a body and have this mortal experience. Surely Bugg, me, the Hunk, and our daughters were good friends. I'm sure Wyatt knew that his earthly mission would involve mental & physical disabilities, but he was willing. And he knew that he would be able to return right back to his Father in Heaven after his mortal life was fulfilled. I wonder what Wyatt did in heaven that enabled him to be perfect? Just my thoughts.....

Melissa's question for Bugg:

Do you just love your curly hair?

Bugg said: I love my hair but not when mama combs it.

Peanut's mama asked:

What is your FAVORITE Bugg part to smooch on? :)

This picture with his dada answers that!

Rach asked:

Bree: Where did you learn to be such an amazing cook? Learn from someone? Self-taught?

Bugg: What do you enjoy doing most with each of your family members??

Father's Day breakfast in bed - German Pancakes

Rach, food is a passion! It is so delicious and so pretty! Both of my moms, Martha Stewart, Food Network and old cookbooks are my teachers.

Bugg responds to Miss Rach: I like snuggling with dada, playing "eency weency spider" with mama, racing with my big sister, and keeping away from my little sister 'cause she steals my glasses and climbs all over me and pulls my hair!

Amy asked: What does Bugg wish for his birthday?

Oops, sorry. A bit late on that one. No matter.

Bugg says: peace on earth,more soft food options in restaurants, free admission to EVERYthing, and less stress in the world. It just doesn't reeeaaaally matter, people. Celebrate life!


  1. Love it! :) The picture of Dad smooching Bugg ... brings tears to my eyes. It's awesome.

  2. These are great answers, but I really love Bugg's closing thoughts!

  3. So sweet!
    I love his curls!


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