Friday, July 23

summertime breakfast

If there's any chance of us
getting outside these days,
it is in the AM.
That heat can be torture.
Especially for an immobile
little boy with lots of hair
in a BLACK wheelchair/stroller.
So we packed up some breakfast
and went wandering through our
little city for a new park.

We rate the parks up to 4 stars.
This park got just one star
but we still enjoyed our discovery.

By nine o'clock,
the sweat was pouring
and thankfully.....

......the sprinklers were inviting.

And what other time
can cookie baking be done?
Breakfast time!

PS: Bugg got new glasses.
It's only been a few months.
His sisters can be brutal.
Happy weekending!


  1. Too bad the park only rated 1 star, but what a fun way to do breakfast!

  2. How fun! Your baking always looks delicious! And the LIGHT BOX! Totally forgot! I'll head into work next week and get it to you!

  3. Okay, I have to know, where did you get your picnic basket? It's so cute, and I don't have one, but I haven't seen any in the stores.

  4. A picnic breakfast in the park looks and sounds like such fun. And a Mama who dances through the sprinklers on a whim with her kids is fantastic! Cute new glasses for Bugg. :)
    Thanks for putting a pretty breakfast picnic picture-idea in my head.

    *mental note* must have cookies for breakfast.

  5. I LOVE garage sales!!!! Just keep your eyes peeled and you can find anything your little heart desires. Even a picnic basket. Although, Amazon has some great finds.

  6. Cookies are my kind of breakfast YUM! Beautiful pictures. Love seeing you celebrate summer!

  7. Would love to know where some of your 4 star parks are located. Can't wait to have a breakfast picnic!


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