Thursday, July 29

turning the mundane upside down

Today could have been just plain humdrum.
So we changed it up a bit.
I always wonder what other
SAHmama's do to fill up the days.
You know, besides laundry and diaper changes.
Here's some of what we do:

I wore my new pretty skirt,
even though I had no place to go,
except to the mailbox with Ella.

"Miracle Worker" was really good!

I gave Wyatt a new hairstyle.

And I totally love it!

We folded laundry and read books
in a fort.
Sometimes, it's worth it to make
a bigger mess while trying to clean up a mess.

Painted fingers and toes,
used fancy toothpicks for lunch,
and ate popsicles on the porch with friends.

Jam & cream cheese = perf

I planned & daydreamed
about the trip
that the Hunk & I will take in
a few weeks to celebrate
our 8 years of marriage!

Shrinky Dinks!
So much fun.
When is the last time you played
with those cute little shrinky dinks?!
found at Roberts Crafts

Gosh, therapies can be so bothersome.
For him and me!
But with Josh Turner blaring,
and a first-time try with play-do,
the dreadful stander becomes
somewhat tolerable.

And dinner? Well, I suggest
trying chips with a hearty salsa
peaches & cream.
PS: I am so giddy for Autumn!

And hey! a spur-of-the-moment
trip to the park.

I love mundane days.


  1. Way to find the magic in the mundane!

  2. I love shrinky dinks! And your photography!

  3. Love the new hairstyle! Very handsome!

  4. REALLY love it when I can stop by and gain a new perspective :~) Love you!

  5. You packed a lot of fun into your mundane day! I love having a trip to look forward to, I'm so glad you've got one coming up!

  6. The new hair style is so handsome! What a cutie. I'm sick today and so when I saw that pic of his hair, it made me smile. Thanks!

  7. I LOVED this post. Thanks for sharing and motivating me to shake it up sometimes.

  8. Love Wyatts new hair doo! Your trip get away sounds awesome for 8 years. Love buggs new theraphy chair. that is awesome. So i am sitting hear bored with Olivia and you always give me ideas. Thanks.Headed out.

  9. Can I just tell you how much I LOVED meeting you today? Thank you for coming...and I can't wait for Tuesday!!!

  10. Thanks for the ideas and push to do something different. Also, thanks for putting the name of your wagon in the pic. Now I just need to save up the cash to buy one like it for me and angel girl!

  11. I'm giddy for Autumn too! Love the pics!


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