Friday, January 28

He's perfect.

How could I have a bad day
with this sweet boy in my midst?

So smiley, so joyful,
so perfect, so patient.
Ssssooooo patient with his mama.
His mama is sometimes impatient.
And sad.
And does have bad days.
And gets discouraged about living the "special" life.

How could she be?
When this Bugg always has a giggle
and an excited expression.
Pure love & light in his eyes.
Enthusiasm for life.

He knows she's learning.
And she's trying.
And she sure loves that Bugg.


  1. Because his mother is human and subject to roller coasters of emotion.

  2. He is adorable :) But I think we all have those days/moments sometimes. Part of being human I suppose. I had one the other day when I was at the store and saw some super cute girl's jeans and shoes, and they made me sad because Avery can't wear them. Silly I know, but it happens sometimes.

  3. You are human awesome one at that :) I just want to cuddle and laugh with Wyatt.

  4. :) just love it! he is a beautiful special boy!!!

  5. Everybody has those moments! You're doing a perfect job. :)

  6. You inspire me so very much. We all have those days even not living in a "special" world. I am having one today, but your blog totally makes me smile. I hope whatever you are going through passes :) Many hugs to you :)

  7. Dear Bree,

    I love you AND your honesty! You openly express so well those feelings that I tend to keep to myself. My happy, loving, smiley, very patient, silly, full of giggles and laughter, lots of kisses and hugs, boy will actually laugh if I cry!

    And try to cry or be sad when your child is laughing so hard because....well, because it's funny to him, I guess?

    But he makes his Mama laugh because who can cry when your little boy is laughing?


  8. Bree your boy is just like my Ashley, patient, sweet and smilie he melts hearts just like my girl. I hope you baked some cookies and are enjoying the weekend. You know what i have similar days too even with my sunshine around too but they never last for long.

  9. Wyatt is beyond perfect. You are a lucky mama to have him as your son. You are an inspiration to all of us who follow your blog. Looking forward to seeing your house all decked out in Valentine's Day splendor!! ~hugs~

  10. He sure is perfect!
    And you girl ... you are A-MAZ-ING!!!!


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