Tuesday, January 31

after school

It's an anticipated time.
After we've had our "quiet time."
(she plays, mama sleeps)
We start looking out the window for Bugg & Mia
to welcome them home from school.
With hugs & kisses & a snack
& "what happened at school today?"

Bugg likes to chill on his bed.
He'll often take a nap.
I love reading the notes that his teachers
write in his backpack.

apple donuts ~
just sprinkle cinnamon & sugar

Things can get pretty frazzling
after school.
The noise level rises.
The house gets tornadoed.
Throw in some whining.
But it's also a pretty sacred time.
To be there at the crossroads -
these tender times in my children's lives.
I'm so grateful that I get to stay at home and be with them.
And while it can seem pretty mundane -
homework, jobs, snuffing out squabbles.....
I know it's an important time, too.
And you know we throw in some crafting!

These lil' headbands were inspired
by Ella's favorite little Valentine book.

Just slip a felt heart onto a headband.....

and hot glue another one on top.

And PS:
we are all loving these headbands.
So easy, so functional, and so durn cute!

I can't quite figure out
how to give Bugg some heart lovin'
that is buggy-boyish.
This doesn't work.

I changed up the laundry job
a bit
by hiding chocolate kisses
in the pile.
I'm normally not that cool.

tomorrow starts FEBRUARY!
Let's get this countdown started
to the day of LoooOOooOoooove!

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  1. love the chocolate idea in the laundry. I will have to try that one.


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