Monday, February 22

pancakes & the Children's hospital

this is a re-post from 2/23/09

I LOVE this special place ~ the Children's Hospital. Recently, Bugg had another appointment there and it's about time I document this wonderful abode.

Way back in my very young days, our primary Sunday School collected our pennies to donate here. "Pennies by the Inch" was the program. Little did I know just how dear this hospital would be to our family and to our boy.....and to so many other super special children that we've met along the way.

We have seen every doctor here and had every test done POSSIBLE. They have all been so wonderful and informative, despite not being able to diagnose Bugg. The nurses are so happy and cheerful - they even blow bubbles for him while he's getting blood work done. On this particular day, we were here for a routine follow-up with his neurologist. Bugg's favorite part about doctor visits is the white paper he gets to lay on. He literally is laughing so hard, that we have to talk over him! The crinkling of the paper just makes him hysterical. I really don't mind these appointments! He is so happy to be here.

The feel of the Children's hospital is just happy & awesome! A lot of it has to do with all of the millions of children's artwork they have all over. And the larger areas are painted with huge murals. One time I was here, it was a particularly bad day and I was bawlin' in the halls. A man came up to me and said something like, "whatever it is, it will be okay. My son is here, too. This place is the best." The parents here just know & understand each other, even though their children have such different issues. I LOVE this place.

We feel very blessed to be able to live near such an awesome hospital. This little guy is receiving the greatest of GREAT care and attention. Only the best for the cutest Bugg in the world.

It's always a treat to get ice cream in their cute little cafe afterward.

So what do pancakes & the Childern's hospital have in common? TOMORROW is a National Pancake Day Celebration at IHOP to raise money for the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know what that means? A FREE short stack of pancakes! Wa-blessed-HOOOOOO!!!! We do this every year and it especially means an extra lot to us. This is a NATIONAL celebration - your IHOP will donate to the local children's hospital. Isn't that just oh, so very special?! Details are right here. CHEERS as we all grub out on pancakes tomorrow!

Edit: this is an annual thing! Who is down for pancakes tomorrow?


  1. I'm so glad you've had great care there, although we usually have great nurses, we continue to recieve less than perfect care there. Not to mention the fact that his brain injury was caused by them!

  2. Being all the way from NH...I KNOW how great that hospital is. We spent time there while visiting Utah last spring - Ben ended up being admitted to their PICU. (pneumonia) They were wonderful and fabulous and great and positive and all the above. The hospital is beautiful and the atmosphere is so great. I'm grateful that you have this facility so close by. :)

    If I had an IHOP in close proximity, I'd be joining you...but we don't.

    And by the way...thanks for saying HI and it's SO nice to meet you!

  3. I love this place too! A little piece of heaven on earth.

  4. Wow, him and Jax are a lot alike. Jax has been working on rolling over for 4 years now! Oh the little things we get excited about with our special kido's!!

  5. Yum, those pancakes look delish!

    You're right, our kids have such similar hair. The only difference is the color. How cute is that curliness!! I imagine Bugg gets comments on it all the time, like my Peanut does. :)


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