Wednesday, February 17

lunch HIS way

Lunch for today:
sandwich & veggies

the good stuff, y'know?
1/2 white 'n 1/2 wheat bread,
turkey, cheese,
avocados, celery, red peppers,
cream cheese & mustard.
Oh, goodness.

And what do I get?
A huge raspberry from Bugg!

Ah, yes.
He prefers his with
cottage cheese.

Oh, aaaaaaaand he also
has to have it pureed.
Got to keep the boy happy.

work it, work it.
Perhaps I should write
for Pioneer Woman?


The Bugg loves to eat.
Despite having a full set of teeth,
he just won't use them.
So he eats all things
you get it.
And this can be done with
Steak even.
Any new ideas we should try?


  1. Oh, that's really quite nasty! But you're awesome. I try to feed Katie everything we eat, but I don't quite. Some things I don't think to grind up, like sandwiches. If you made a turkey salad sandwich, and cut it into small squares, can he eat it? It was so nice when Katie started eating soft sandwiches last summer. I still struggle with how to feed her veggies, though. Maybe I'll have to try grinding up raw ones likes you did.

  2. Tracie Penunuri2/18/2010 09:03:00 AM

    Just wanted you to know that I read your post on Utah Kids and came over to check out your blog. It's beautiful and comforting! I've never "met" another family who deals with what sounds like the same kind of seizures our daughter has... I'm sorry you have to be a part of the "club", but you're right--there is so much that is wonderful and enriching in all the craziness.


  3. wow..what a lunch maybe my little girl would eat more if I pureed it. I should pull out my magic bullet tonight. I'll give Tacos a try see if that helps. Great job blogging your pictures are so great... I'm sure I need a new camera to improve my pics.

  4. Hi Tracie! So nice to meet you!

    And Sherry ~ I am happy to meet you, too. I would recommend the Nikon D-40. It has opened up a new hobby that I never knew existed in me.

  5. Oh, the sandwhich looks yummy! And the processed one looks like ours when we do the grinder...though I guess it's more spaghetti-like I guess. All good though for the bug and all kiddos. :) luv, trina


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