Friday, February 26

getting groceries with the twins

I'm pretty adventurous.
I don't let the wheelchair hold me back,
so I try to not let it keep us from going & doing.
BUT, grocery shopping is something that is physically HARD
with the twins.
Ya know - Bugg in his wheels and Rooskii, my baby.
I do my shoppin'
However, just a few things were needed
and I'm gonna do it,
durn it!

So, here we go.

Occasionally, we go shopping
but Meeskii is there to help push
a babe. Alas, she is at school.
Oh, sweet!
I really love it
when those dear, delicious
avocados are on

So things are going okay.
A bit tricky to figure out
how to manage pushing/pulling
grocery cart & Bugg's wheels.
But okay.

Am I a total nerd
to be snap-shotting in the market?
I love it!
And I love my lil' camera remote.

I did it! WE did it!
They were both so perfect
& patient with me
as I tried maneuvering
our train down the aisles.
Happy Friday, friends.
I'm feeling rock-starish.


  1. I am impressed!! (Please know you have a friend around the corner who would not mind at all watching a kid or two if you are in need!!!!!)

  2. That's harder than with twin twins!

  3. That reminds me one time when we were kids and my Mom had to go to the store with my twin brothers Adam, Kyle, and Me. My job was making sure they didn't jump out of the cart, and it was a full time job! Bri, you are such a strong person. I really admire all you do.

  4. Oh don't I know it. Caleb has been having eye problems again--we had a nice two year break but now we are back at it. We needed to make a emergency trip to the doc and Holden was in school and my mom was sick. So I had Caleb in his big stroller and Fin in the baby bjorn, it was quite an adventure!! I too try not to go out with kids, but taking Fin isn't too bad. I really need one of those cart covers, I was hoping to be able to just do it with blankets but that is not working so well.

  5. I LOVE to read your posts!!!!! Best mama ever!!!!

  6. You are one brave mama! I complain when I have to take my 3 little ones with me to the store but with the big shopping carts I just pile them all in and then try to find a place to put the groceries.

  7. Gotta love those shopping adventures! It's awesome when Ashtyn is throwing food on the ground and Brice is screaming!

  8. Hi Bri, Love the blog about your Bugg!
    I had to comment on this post. You know I've been there, done that! I'm right there with you. You keep going and hang in there.
    I've found it easier to push the wheelchair with one hand and pull the front of the cart with the other hand.


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