Thursday, February 18

that blessed hour

A most hallowed time of day,

With Meeskii at school
and babes tucked away,
there's always
that question:
now what?
Do I clean?

Such a sacred time
must be spent
veeeeery carefully.
And so....

I usually end up
treating myself to a
good read
and chocolate.

Of course,
the blow
is softened
wake up
It is so nice
to be

What do you do
during that
blessed hour?

I'm so curious!


  1. Oh, how I wish I had that blessed hour...

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, so I had to check out yours too. Oh, Bugg is adorable. I love your photography and your blog. One of Sam's friends has something similar to your little guy. Her name is Meggie and she is 9 years old.

    As the first commenter said, I wish I had that blessed hour too!!!

  3. MMM...just thinking about the day I get a blessed hour is delightful. I think when the day finally comes I would write a love letter to my hubby even if he is home, paint my nails and then sit outside in the sunshine and read a book that feeds my soul.

    I just read the last few posts... a seizure? No wonder a littel emotional rejuvination is in order, bring on the cupcakes and Mexican food!!

  4. Oh how I luv naptime...only one of the three nap...but it is quiet time for all, and let's face it: we all need a break right? :) Thanks for this beautiful blog Bree. Bugg is such a joy. Your family is beautiful, I'm so glad you have eachother...sweet gifts. hugs, trina

  5. Someday it could get even better and they will all be at school! It's worth the wait :)

  6. Sadly, our napping days our done. Most of our kids napped until the 4ish age. Not my little Izzy. She was clearly done around age 2 - the horror. Now I just eat my chocolate and read in front of them. :)

  7. Blogging and sleeping! I love the blessed hour too. Even if Ashtyn doesn't nap, she has to stay in her room until I'm ready. I know, I'm mean that way.

  8. nothing

    love meeskii

  9. Bree, you are so can really touch the souls of people, with your sweet words. Thanks!


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