Tuesday, February 16

glimpses from Love's Own Day

It was very wonderful.
Right up there with b-days
and Christmas.
Lots of love, colors,
THE softest sugar cookies.
How did you all celebrate?!!!!!


  1. What gorgeous pictures. The fireplace was right out of a magazine. So pretty!

  2. Love the pics! Those valentine cards were adorable. Did Bugg give those to his classmates? Love it!

  3. yep ~ Bugg took those to share at Preschool.

  4. I am a mom from Utah kids and I blog to! It is so nice. Ty is 4 and has hydrocephalus but from a brain bleed. He was a 25 weeker. He also has optic nerve problems from his bleeds but he has ROP from being born so early. I am going to link ya! I LOVE pictures to! And yours are amazing

  5. Looks like a beautiful day! This is totally off topic, but you look sooo good after having your baby and I love your dress, where did you get it??

  6. Thanks, Mandy. Plato's closet.


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