Sunday, January 23

smackin' hot/cold weekend

It was a bit of both this weekend.
And really fun.

But first.....

we're upping the love factor
at the love shack.
These crayon hearts are mega fun
& festive to make.

Anything that involves color & sun,
that's where it's at.

Including hair.
Good-bye roots, it's time for a change.....

...hello, brown & bangs.
hmmmm, still not sure about it.

The mister & I had a hot date
to see Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband.
(You may recognize the song, "Dream Big.")
They're one of the few bands
that the both of us love.
I rocked out my pin-curled curls to
just waves.

And in true BYU-fashion,
there was an on-the-spot proposal
in the audience.
She accepted.
Look at Shupe's lil' boy on the violin!
The encore was "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."
Some crazy Y-kids started a congo line.
It was a red hot lip-smackin'date with my Hunk.

We took the weekend celebration
to the mountains
for chili & sledding with friends.

Bugg was so super snugg
in the Buggy Bag.
It was really cold
but we were all sweatin' from the sleddin'.
(poem by the Hunk)

mouth full o' cookie
And now I leave you with
the play-by-play of the

He didn't like it.


  1. You are beyond FUN!!! And I love the hair!

  2. Totally doing those heart this week, thanks for reminding me. I am glad you had a wonderful weekend, and the snow is still there wow.

  3. I love these pictures! How fun! Almost inspires me to go out into the cold. Almost...

    And I LOVE that heart garland. Is it wax paper and crayon pieces? LOVE it. :)

  4. Your hair looks awesome! What a fun winter-y weekend!

  5. love the crayon hearts. love your hair...I bought pink extentions that clip into my hair, I decided I needed a little fun color :)

  6. A proposal? Yes! So totally Y! Can't wait to see a full shot of the hair. It looks great! BTW - Women's Conf this year? We are registered. Hope to see you there.

  7. sounds like an awesome weekend!!!
    where do you pick up a sleddy-thing with a high back? kovy totally falls back on ours; would love to find an inexpensive idea for a sled with a back.

  8. Love the fun photos! Your hair looks fabulous. And that sled is awesome, what is it called and where can I find one?

  9. It's just a simple blow-up one from Walmart.


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