Monday, January 10

some lovin' for my love

My Hunk got this for Christmas.
An ode to US!
A bunch of our pictures from the wee beginning
of our courtship days
until now.......

I hung it above our bed from a branch.
I think it needs 2 little lovebirds
perched on it!

Simple materials & TIME & patience
are all that's needed:
mini whole punch, lotsa pics,
thin wire, & wire cutters.

Hunk + Bree = 4EVER
PS: I just poured out my celebratory heart
in the post below.
Just so you know!


  1. Oh my goodness! A gift with love all over it! LOVE IT!!

  2. okay you two are just to darn cute!

  3. wow that is awesome! so sweet, melted my heart too!

  4. That's a great gift and good reminder.


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